ASR: This Is Why Sonic Is In A Car

ASR: This Is Why Sonic Is In A Car

Those of you who came to Summer of Sonic last year and/or have visited SEGA Memories will recognise this comic strip made by SEGA Memories own Aaron. Aaron had correctly guessed that Sumo Digital staff Steve and Travis would constantly get the question “Why is Sonic in a car?” and so gave them the above comic to answer the annoying query. The comic worked wonders and gave many people a laugh so those who still have this query, take a look at the comic and put your mind to rest.


  1. That is why Sonic only leaves the car in Supersonic mode.

    If he didn’t have a car he would lose his rings (if he had any) every time a car,crab,hazard hit him and would have to start over at the checkpoint. (the Start/Finish line)


  2. @ Sinister Swiss
    Yeah, it was at SoS last year as I stated in this blog post 🙂 I’d been wanting to put it up here at TSS since then but I didnt know someone had taken a good pic of it and uploaded it until now :p Its a great comic, they should have put it in the game as an extra to buy with your SEGA Miles at the in-game store or put it in as DLC XD

  3. @Shadzter: Damn, the one time I looked at the picture and skipped straight to the comments I miss the point. >_<

    I like the DLC idea. XD

  4. After a lifetime of cruelty and hardship, Sonic strikes a blow for all those innocent hedgehogs that where ever run over by a car…

    oh and to silence his annoying fans. Keep up the good work, you spiny douchebag you.

  5. Brilliant! Anyway, its pretty obvious, Sonic needs to be in a car to slow him down and give everybody else a chance.

  6. Sonic’s in a car, I don’t really care about that and I never did. What I do care about is that the game isn’t that great. It’s good but not great.

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