ASR: This Is Why Sonic Is In A Car – Take 2

ASR: This Is Why Sonic Is In A Car – Take 2

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You may remember SEGA Memories comic strip we posted explaining why Sonic is in a car in Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, well if that didn’t convince you bro-botnik at the SSMB has made the above comic strip to further knock some sense into people who still dont understand.

Thanks to bro-botnik for the hilarious comic strip!

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  1. To prove he’s faster than Knuckles. If not for the Knucklehead (and Eggman), i don’t think Sonic would have joined the racing… At least that’s sort of what the manual for Sonic R once stated.

  2. Very funny.
    Sonic was playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Hilarious.
    So, he’s in a car to make the competition even and to prove he’s the fastest at everything. I like that.

  3. “Sonic would you like to join in a racing-” “YES”
    HAHAHA look at his face XD blindly yelling yes to anything racing…

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