ASR: Xbox 360 Secret Achievements and PS3 Trophies Revealed

ASR: Xbox 360 Secret Achievements and PS3 Trophies Revealed

< have unveiled the Secret Achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing which like the other Achievements have references to other SEGA games in their names. The site has also updated the Achievements pictures with colour, we have the Secret Achievements for you below –

Sonic Unleashed 15
Use Sonic’s All-Star Move to take out Dr. Eggman and show him who’s boss!
Feel the Magic 15
Use Amy’s All-Star Move to send Sonic dizzy with love!
Working Man 15
Use Ryo’s All-Star Move to take out Jacky and Akira and show them who’s the ultimate martial artist!
Giant Egg 15
Use Billy’s All-Star Move to squash the Crows!
Top Skater 15
Perform three tricks in one jump with Beat on Tokyo-to – Shibuya Downtown.
The Chariot 15
Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.
Cat Mania 15
Summon the giant KapuKapu and gobble up Big the Cat for mouse revenge!

You can check out the list in full here. have also revealed the Trophy list for the PS3 version which as you would guess are the same as the Xbox 360’s Achievements. At present they do not have pictures and the Secret Trophies haven’t been revealed yet but will likely be the same as the Xbox 360’s Secret Achievements.


  1. Yea the sonic unleashed one is cool… BIG D: Becareful xD Ryo show them wat O-e and Amy…well still a sonaze fan xD

  2. The names of achievements are pretty cool, and reference tons of Sega games.

    Hell, they’ve even got that skateboarding arcade game “Top Skater” referenced, which I just found out they also published 😀

  3. Nice, I really enjoyed the demo, and was planning on getting the game anyway, but this has made me even more excited. I hope it has a decently lasting community, it would really suck if it died pretty quickly.

  4. Psssh. They should totally have one for Eggman when you run over Sonic.

    Or at least blast him with rockets. Hedgehog totally has it coming to him.

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