[UPDATE:Footage]ASR DS Demo Now On U.S. Nintendo Channel

[UPDATE:Footage]ASR DS Demo Now On U.S. Nintendo Channel

UPDATE 2: Footage on Easy difficulty now available thanks to YouTube user shigamodo. Thanks to BlueHedgehog 92 at the SSMB for the heads up. /UPDATE END

UPDATE: We’ve just checked the UK Nintendo Channel and its not there and Pearl over at the SSMB has just informed us that its on the U.S. Nintendo Channel. /UPDATE END

We’ve just got word in from a couple of members at the SSMB that the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing DS demo Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital said was coming has now arrived on the Nintendo Channel for you to download now. We dont know in which regions this has been released to yet but we’ll do our best to find out and update as soon as possible. If you can confirm its arrived in your region we’d be very grateful if you can let us know in the comments.


  1. I imagine the UK Nintendo Channel will get it with the Wii Shop Channel update on Friday.
    @ Grinder TH
    Yes Sumo Digital are UK based.

  2. I’m surprised they actually kept the course mostly the same. Only thing that’s missing is the shortcut near the end.

  3. sorry but i looks terrible on the ds, it doesnt seem bad on gameplay but graphics look ugh!!! i hope this is an earlier build…
    i can wait for the xbox 360 version so excited less thahn a week here in the states. this game is amazing!!!!

  4. The game was pretty sweet for a digital download.

    If the entire game is like this with online, it could possibly be on par with Mario Kart DS.

    Though right now, I haven’t really found anything to protect me from homing missiles besides barriers.

  5. Just played through the demo, pretty disappointed. Only 6 racers can race at a time and the demo states it can only support 4 players? MKDS supported the full 8. As well, the characters models were smaller in proportion compared to the 360 demo. The smaller racers and cars show less details on the 3D model and affects the gameplay. The tracks seem now wider and would be fine if there was more racers such as 8 but with only 6 racers the tracks feel a bit too open. The level design was almost perfect too but the beginning of the track is different and one shortcut from the console demo is noticeably removed and also noticed that there is less borders on bridges too so its easier to fall off the tracks. The crabmeat enemies also are only on the sides of the track and don’t move towards the center, so now they aren’t a threat. Finally, without the announcer and character voices, the game feels less lively then its console brother.

    The demo does has its good sides though, Graphics look pretty, music remix for DS version is nice, and the gameplay works great and smooth. I was originally going to get the DS version as well cause I love kart racers but I guess I’ll just stick to the 360 one.

  6. SEGA Europe Blog says “Firstly yes, the Nintendo DS demo is out now in the US – it will be arriving in Europe soon.”
    So yay I guess.

  7. Yay! Sonic won!

    The music is good for a Seaside Hill remix. Even though the DS is capable of more, it’s nice to hear a simple one.
    The graphics are nothing special, but I’ll assume they’re “DS” good.

    Is the course exactly like the one on the other consoles?

    How close is this game to Mario Kart DS? I have neither one, and I was wondering if I should consider both just based on the characters.

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