ASR: 3 New Wii Screenshots and Bottom Screens To Old DS Screenshots

ASR: 3 New Wii Screenshots and Bottom Screens To Old DS Screenshots

Nintendo Europe have put up their product pages for both Wii and DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. In the Wii section we have 3 new screenshots in with some old screenshots and in the DS section we finally get to see the bottom screen from really old screenshots which reveal a very different layout to the final we’ve seen in the latest screenshots.

Comparing the old and new builds it appears the original plan was to have the map and the lap and position counters all on the bottom screen. The latest build shows the map has remained on the bottom screen with the lap and position counter moved to the top screen and a timer next to a best time record has been added to the bottom screen. We also see the map’s background colour used to be a brighter blue while the latest build has been given a less distracting darker blue.

The screenshots are all in flash so we cant post them here, you can check them out at both games product pages at Nintendo Europe’s website.

Wii product page
^ New screens from left to right are 6, 7 and 8.
DS product page

Our article with the latest DS screenshots for comparison


  1. @ Thomas Daly
    We have heard it but its just a load of bull from NGamer playing around with their Twitter account, theres also another one from some other Twitter user claiming Mario is playable in Sonic 4. As I say its just a load of bull and we don’t report about that kind of tosh.

  2. @Shadzter

    NGamer’s “source” has been right about these things before (Zelda TP on Wii, Punch Out Wii etc.) so you never know…

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