You Know You’ve Read Too Much Sonic The Comic When…

You Know You’ve Read Too Much Sonic The Comic When…

…your walls look like this.

If that isn’t hardcore fandom then I don’t know the meaning of the words. This whole mural was created by an artist in Edinburgh named John Arnott and spans all four walls of the bedroom. It’s pretty awesome but I don’t think I’d have it done to my bedroom.

Source: Kotaku


  1. “If that isn’t hardcore fandom then I don’t (know) the meaning of the words.”

    You might want to add “know” in there.

    That’s pretty impressive. I wonder who were the ones who painted the murals.

  2. @TheRadicalMoron
    Yeah I just noticed it before you posted lol! Teach me for rushing a post out :p

  3. I always wished they’d printed my whole mural photo in STC ;_; it had super sonic in and everything. I was like 15 and it took 2 years to paint. In the end i moved house and the stinky council painted over it. I hope it gave them trouble, i used metal paint huhaw.

    Kudos to the artists who done these, i know the pain.

  4. @Legendary Emerald

    Dude,they’re kids so give them some credit.

    This kinda reminds me of the Sonic and Shadow painting I did on my wall when I was 12. Still got it but it looks damn ugly.

  5. @ Legendary Emerald

    [rant warning] and what do you mean by “Even by Sonic the Comic style standards”. The art was fantastic, particually by Richard Elson and Nigel Dobbyn; it just got better and better. Don’t even compare the art to Archie.

  6. The answer I had in mind when I saw the topic title was ‘… when you call Metal Sonic ‘Metallix”.

    That’s pretty darn cool, although more enemies could have been added to the enemy wall. It looks kind of bare.

    I recall seeing a wall like this in Sonic the Comic issue 100, although it was rather poor in comparison.

  7. ….Itll pass xD

    ((Lunar moment))

    Sonic Adventure 2:I am the ultimate.Yea…ultimately confussed.I mean seriously, 50 years and ur still keeping a promise, shadow if that hot bat chick wasnt in the game, I would hav killed u myself. Tails is playable again, but hes in a hunk of metal… would rather play AS HIM not as a robot.Knuckles, ur ok but tikal or chaos werent release >.> Just avaliable for 2P treasure hunts.Eggman playble, yea it passed bc he wasnt running anywhere anytime soon. He destroy sonic…or thats what u think.Sonic grew to level 25.Do u wnt sonic to learn chaos control [final destruction in 3…2….1]OH GOD YES.Super shadow.Didnt see that coming.He was very sexy xD but knuckles didnt transform….WEAK. Sonic Arrested for RUI Running Under the influence.Ironic xD Tails and Eggman ending, possible team?pft…Rouge ur gonna hav to pic Knuckle or Shadow.Knuckle pick Rouge or Shade.Shadow pick Rouge or Maria…or Omega WTF
    *inturpted broadcast*

    ((That has been a Lunar moment))

  8. 1. I was thinking that the kid’s father or relative painted that, not the kids.
    2. If it was the kids that did it, then that is pretty good for their age.
    3. I still don’t like the art
    4. You must admit that the artwork for the first few STC’s were terrible. Coloring was great, but everything else just looked wrong. But the comic got better, I’m sure.

  9. @ Legendary Emerald

    Are you sure you’re not thinking of the Archie comic which (apart from the excellant covers) only got consistant art after the 100 issue?

    Though I have to admit some of the art in STC was pretty weak (I’m not going to point out which ones) I’d be surprised if you thought that Richard Elson was bad. The way he brought speed and intensity to the Sonic strips was amazing and worked hand in hand with Kitching’s writing.

  10. I wish my room was super cool and had lots of artwork all over the walls actually. I’d love to paint my own room up one day whenever I got a house, or at least my studio room or something.

    Either that or I’d just cover it in posters of shit I make because I’m self-centered like that 8)

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