What Up With That?: The Needlemouse Trailer

What Up With That?: The Needlemouse Trailer

Ooooooooooo weeeeeeee… what up with that?

Did you hear some “news” that Integrated Alchemy (IA), not SEGA, produced the Needlemouse trailer?  Did you get mad when IA revealed that they hadn’t seen nor heard anything about the game?  Have you abandoned all hope for Project Needlemouse for no good reason?  Well, don’t worry, because today on “What Up With That?,” we’re going to clear up all of the questions floating around.

SEGA outsourced the trailer to another company.  What up with that?

That happens… fairly regularly.  There are whole production houses devoted to creating trailers all over the world.  Integrated Alchemy is no different.  Look at their website and watch their sizzle reel.  They make trailers for a multitude of gaming companies.  Shock.

It’s also not the first time that SEGA has handed over their hype to someone else.  If the Mazuri video didn’t leak, we would have seen this werehog/ring smash teaser first.

There’s no gameplay footage, images, or artwork.  What up with that?

That’s why it’s called a teaser.  You can build hype for a game without showing any media whatsoever.  That’s how hype works.  Remember those Halo 3 “action figure” commercials (these were also outsourced to another company)?  You know nothing about the game, but you know that you want it after having seen the teaser:


SEGA told Integrated Alchemy nothing.  What up with that?

SEGA is famous for copious amounts of leaks, mostly through their FTP or the Australian ratings board.  Maybe they finally want to keep everything under wraps for once.  Isn’t that great?

Or, hey, maybe you’re one who thinks that they didn’t have anything at the time.  If you are, the next section is for you…

SEGA deceived us all by not having anything upon commissioning the trailer.  Needlemouse is full of lies.  What up with that?

This one is my favorite.  There are a few people out there who still don’t understand “teaser trailers” (please scroll up and read again if you still don’t).  These special few are of the belief that SEGA will not deliver on the promises in the teaser, since they didn’t make it themselves and did not show/tell Integrated Alchemy anything aside from “we’re making a new retro, 2D Sonic game.”  Well, let’s stop right there and make those people look stupid.

Do you remember when the trailer was released alongside a Q&A at GameSpot?  Ken Ballough reaffirmed that we would be getting everything that (literally) flew at us in the teaser.  Also, if SEGA didn’t entirely agree with the trailer’s content, then they would have axed it.  IA might have developed the trailer, but there is no way in blue hell that they would also release it.  When you’re being outsourced/commissioned to do something, you’re going to give the paying customer (in this case, SEGA) what they want.  In short, everything that you see and hear in this trailer will be in the final product.

Besides, SEGA wouldn’t want some company that makes trailers and motion graphics to dig a hole that they can’t fill.  SEGA already has a hard enough time filling the holes that they dig themselves.

Integrated Alchemy started this whole mess with their video’s description.  What up with that?

It’s obvious: they’re dumbasses.  Really good with After Effects… but dumbasses nonetheless.

I care a lot about whatever we’re talking about.  What up with that?

Go ride a bike.  It’s not a big deal… at all.

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    finally a end to the whole Project Needlemouse won’t be classic comments.
    ” waits for Project Needlemouse info

  2. Ah, …… to bad I cannot delete some of my comments on TSSZ … this here makes total sense especially the last paragraph, haven´t thought of that, thanks Mr. Flick! 🙂

    TSSZ should post what you wrote and every other news site to calm some peeps down (off course without twisting it around like news sites like to do it most of the time)! 🙂 It really makes sense … hehe, I´m repeating myself, but it really does! ^^´

    Now, if only all the wish listing and high hope bars wouldn´t be build up, at least that is going to end in tears somehow, I´m sure of it! It´s really sad that the community is constantly on each others throats over the smallest things & disagreements! 🙁 I just need to read some forum posts over at the SOA Boards or comments under Needlemouse related YouTube videos… .

  3. Thank goodness, I was beginning to think that I was the only person alive not freaking out and puffing up how air with all this ‘Needlemouse is lies’ and ‘SEGA are waving empty hopes in front of our faces’ rumours, it was beginning to cheese me off -_- TEASER trailer. TEASER I say…

  4. “Speed Returns” its just to tell people that SONIC (a.k.a. THE FASTEST THING ALIVE, a.k.a BLUEBLUR, a.k.a. THE BLUE WIND, a.k.a. SPEED DEMON, etc…) IS RETURNING THIS YEAR for a new game, you fools, it’s not saying that we will have more speed than Unleashed or 06 , dhuuuuuu dumb people


  5. While I can certainly appreciate an attempt to calm folks down, I think you forgot to address an important point in this piece. After much to do was made on IAM employee’s trailer posts–which appear to have occurred separate from Sega’s reveal as a means to toot their own horns–why would it nearly all be pulled within a day after being fine for 4 months?

    I’m not sure anyone’s questioning the value of the trailer (if they don’t have a game by now, we’re ALL doomed) more than they’re questioning the process of having that trailer come to fruition. If Sega has control over that process (which they do, as you said), which means they have to be OK with everything disclosed(as you also say), why were they suddenly not OK with what IAM describing their own stuff when we found out about it?

    That is something I don’t see as entirely IAM’s fault, and it’s a pretty large hole in your “no worries” argument, but you never address the timing of it. What up with that, Brad?


  6. The last question: I can’t ride a bike. What, do I just… relax with that leaked KHBbS secret ending, or… I dunno, make more fanart disguised as college art projects?

    (I TOTALLY did that with a Cloud statuette I own.)

  7. All i care about is that its SONIC and its 2D i think the trailer has done very well since we all cant wait for a game no one has seen it has fulfilled its purpose and excited every single sonic fan

  8. “That is something I don’t see as entirely IAM’s fault, and it’s a pretty large hole in your “no worries” argument, but you never address the timing of it. What up with that, Brad?”

    I think it’s because SEGA doesn’t want leaks of any kind and/or they’re overreacting over nothing. You know, kind of what everybody else is doing right now.

    Shit, man, I would have had that crap pulled as well. You don’t even want to give off the impression of “not having anything” because, as you can see, people will go there.

  9. And I guess that brings up a second point with bringing all that up on whether this should be the prime time for Sega to give us something new and substantive on Needlemouse. Surely that would be better for the fans and for them, as it would alleviate the fears once and for all. Instead, these revelations are swept offline, which may be good business strategy, but doesn’t douse the fire.

    And if that happened at Sega’s request to kill leaks, as you now suggest as a possibility, wouldn’t that mean there WAS substance to what IAM said? You’ve nearly contradicted your argument there–the damage of what was said by IAM is done; this site even has a screencap of their words.

    The Internet never forgets….


  10. The key word there is “nearly.” We don’t know if they had anything or not to make a contradiction. I’m making an assumption that they don’t want anybody within their magic circle to spill -any- details on the thing. Maybe IAM signed an NDA and violated it?

    As for “needlemouse infos,” I’m waiting until February anyway, with that whole rollercoaster “relaunch” comment and all.

  11. Sega’s probably covering it because the fans have gotten themselves into a tizzy over nothing and are now making unsubstantiated claims such as “The trailer isn’t indicative of the final product, thus my hopes are dashed,” which is the completely opposite effect that marketers want from their target audience. If I were in Sega’s shoes and browsed Needlemouse topics across the web when this silliness erupted, I would’ve done the exact same thing.

    Point is, we’re attacking Sega over nonsense, which I surmise an unfortunate habit borne from our incessant overanalyzing and predictions of apocalyptic catastrophe. As I said in the topic, let’s stop making leaps of logic just to find something to be mad about and continue on with our epic wait.

  12. Thank you for clearing up the dust storm that was my understanding of the whole Needlemouse thing. much appreciated 😀

  13. Well…I’m not taking it seriously but..

    Just a little bit of info would be some good…

  14. *Does the Whats up with that? dance from Saturday night live*

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  15. unless project neddlemouse is the new sonic chronicals and sega not leting us know because they don’t want anybody know would you want everybody to know a story your writing until it’s finish, samething

  16. Dude, I just want to see and/or play the game. I’d be happy with that. But then again that’s coming from a guy who enjoys making snarky comments and critical observations on the SEGA forums for fun.

  17. i cant wait to get my hands on projectneedlemouse, i hope its for all consels becouse i have a wii so i wanna play it on my nintendo wii :).

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