Want Lego Batman In ASR?

Want Lego Batman In ASR?

“Sega/Waner Bros. Int”
So according to this chart Sega had something to do with Lego Batman, so it’s possible to get Lego Batman in ASR as DLC. Come on people, this need’s to happen! Lead Environment Artist at Sumo Digital for ASR under his SumoRex tag over at SEGA forums is up for it –

LOL I’m game for that. Maybe, to be ironic, he could drive a car made from meccano too?

But seriously, that game was developed by Travellers Tales and published by Warner Bros so…WTF?

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  1. Didn’t Sega/Nintendo put a truck load of cash into M&S Olympics 2 marketing?

    Lego Batman? Sure! If DC doesn’t mind.. but he’ll need an exploding BatMobile complete with lego block sound effects

  2. Bah Screw Lego Batman I Want Crash Bandicoot In ASR Driving His Motorbike from Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped That would be awesome if he was in it as DLC on PS3 & 360 *goes to ask S0L to add Crash Bandicoot into game* Lol ^__^

  3. I’m sure getting the rights to use Batman (LEGO version or not) are far more complicated than that. DCComics, Warner Bros, SEGA, Travellers Tales and presumably LEGO itself would all need to agree.

  4. @ Matricated
    It would yeah, this isn’t a serious blog entry anyway 🙂 It’s just for a laugh at that odd listing.

  5. it would be a bit silly u may as well chuk other redicolus caracters like lightening macqueen and master cheif

  6. it would be a bit silly u may as well chuk other redicolus caracters like lightening macqueen ,master cheif and spyro

  7. You all knw that the 360 one is the only one to get dlc(or so I’ve heard) so, no Mario no r&c no anything but xbox exclusive and sega characters

  8. @ Edge
    The game’s site had Xbox 360 exclusive DLC listed before SEGA took it down yes but that could just mean they are getting some exclusive DLC not that DLC altogether is exclusive to that console. A leaked document with discussions between Sony and SEGA contained info where they were talking about exclusive DLC for the PS3 version. That document also had newly annoucned game Vanquish in it and that became true so there is a good chance PS3 exclusive DLC for ASR will happen.

  9. I hate all these Lego games. All of them sucks so hard! X(
    Uuurrr, what if they made a Lego Sonic….I would puke or something if that would happend. Or maybe die.

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