ASR Site Launches, Reveals Jacky and DLC Characters Coming To Xbox 360

ASR Site Launches, Reveals Jacky and DLC Characters Coming To Xbox 360

The official U.S. website for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing has just gone LIVE and in the All Star Moves section there is an icon for each characters All Star Move with their name underneath. Flick through and you come to an icon with the name Jacky from Virtua Fighter tagged underneath. It appears Jacky will be playable with Akira as his All Star Move.

The Characters section is closed off right now so could this be a mistake on SEGA’s part?

Downloadable characters are also listed to be coming too as an Xbox 360 exclusive.


  1. Wait, there’s more…

    When I checked on the site a few minutes ago you could access the All Star Moves page, where they not only refence to an All Star Move for Jacky, but also for Beat and another fellow called Zobio Zobinko. Don’t ask me who that is, I have no clue.

    I still don’t see Ristar in there, or NIGHTS and Vectorman for that matter. πŸ™
    Let’s hope they somehow slide in or make a apperance somewhere in the game.

    Or maybe SoA made a mistake, I don’t know…

  2. Zobio Zobinko are the House of the Dead characters

    But yes looks like we have confirmation on Beat πŸ™‚

  3. If you ask me, the character section isn’t open because they don’t want the fans using their 1337 haxxorz skillz and find out who the remaining players are.

    Also, I’m fairly certain Beat was confirmed a while ago.

  4. Nintendo did the exact same thing with Smash Bros. Releasing 3 (instead of 1) characters pictures.
    The only difference is that when it happened, it was actually an honest mistake, unlike Sega’s recent (intentional) blunders.

    May as well knock off a Golden Axe character

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  5. “But yes looks like we have confirmation on Beat”

    Beat already appeared like in 3 trailers, I though he was confirmed long time ago D:

  6. Anyone else notice that the trailer music, and all the music featured on the website, is ripped straight from the Sonic Adventure games?

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