1. Well damn, I mean, graphics weren’t all that crash hot back in the day when it was first released, but let’s not pick on poor Lara’s polygonal pointers, guys 🙁

  2. Well I’m gonna rule Mario out cuz he’s red…and I have no clue who Sonic or Lara is…but they both sound pretty blue…alright I’m gonna go with Lara. *buzzer sounds off that I’m wrong* Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What is diarrhea? -Family Guy

    But seriously, how much more simple could that question be?

  3. I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me! XD

    But really, where’s the answer that says Mr.Needlemouse?
    Who is this Sonic they speak of?

  4. I know this one. It’s… oh damn I forgot!

    Let’s go through this. Mario, a red plumber with a ‘tash, Croft is a human woman.

    So by a process of elimination. Is the answer 27? NO! What do you mean no!?

    It could be Sonic, but I can’t see any clues suggesting it.

  5. Seriously, though. If any of the 100 got this answer wrong, they should turn off their XBOX 360 and immediately kill themselves.

    Because they have no right to call themselves gamers if they do not know this piece of gaming history.

  6. Lol nice. I guess I could see this question on Jeopardy or something un-gaming related, but really, c’mon!

  7. The guy complains about that the “T” in the is small instead of big. He says that it is Sonic “The” Hedgehog, not Sonic “the” Hedgehog. But its that sooo important???? For me not….but…well……….eerrr….my brain did just freeze, my vvery annying 10 year old brother and his 8 year old friend annoys me rihgt now….forgot what I was going to say. DOH! Why do they have to scream so much?

  8. @Brad Flick: Unless you count malignant narcissism and hatred of the clearly brilliant Sonic ’06 as funny, then I guess you’re right…

    On a more serious note, Sonic Heroes was good!

  9. ‘Course I know they’re sarcastic, DUH! But a little normalness would be nice, les you want the world to go insane?

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