Tesco Name Sonic 2nd Top Games Character For 2010

Tesco Name Sonic 2nd Top Games Character For 2010

It seems supermarket giant Tesco are trying to get in with the cool gaming crowd with their new flashy entertainment website they recently implemented, so they’ve come up with their top 10 game characters for 2010 but wait hasn’t the year only just started? In their efforts to get in our cool gaming crowd they fail miserably on the Halo and Zelda front. Check out their top 10 list below –

1: Mario
2: Sonic
3: Soap McTavish
4: Bayonetta
5: Big Daddy
6: AiAi
7: Nathan Drake
8: Zelda (I think they mean Link here going by their pic)
9: Halo (No we’re not kidding, they really have put that)
10: Rabbids


So, yet again Mario beats Sonic in a list but at least Sonic beat some pretty popular characters but with the hilarious mistake’s on that list we can’t give Tesco much credit as they don’t even seem to know what they’re talking about.

Let us know what you think of Tesco’s effort at gaming coolness and wether you want them in or out of our cool gaming crowd in the comments.


  1. Tesco= Not cool to associate themselves with video games. When I think of Tesco I think of supermarkets and supermarkets just don’t have the cool factor to talk about video games. And since when did the rings in Halo get any credit for being a character >_> (Joking). Lame, Tesco, just lame.

  2. Someone upped Gamespots cut and paste fan art.

    Hopefully Sonic’ll have a good year.. Sega Racing, Chronicles 2 (please), NeedleMouse (or they can take their time, its got a lot to live up to) and maybe the next story book game and the next major installment.

    Good luck in 2010 blue guy!

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  3. hey 3 sega charas awesome.
    well but because of the names this list is NOTvery professional

    i think it’s someone from CoD MW 2 but i’m not entirely sure

  4. There are a few characters from recently released titles. You can tell they simply slap the names picked out from game sites onto this.

  5. @sonicyoda
    Soap McTavish is a character from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

  6. Isn’t Soap a character from Modern Warfare 2?

    Anyway this list only seems to list the disconnection between Tesco and the gaming industry. Why even try Tesco?

  7. @sonicyoda
    In COD4 you play as Soap and right at the beginning when you meet Captain Price he too says “What kind of name is Soap?” lol!

  8. I think they may have just put Zelda and Halo so less experienced gamers would have the game title in mind while shopping. Cause when you see the name Aiai, you have no idea you are supposed to buy Super Monkey Ball.

  9. Looks like Halo still kills aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything. XD

    I’ve never heard of these Tesco people, but it’s nice to see Sonic at number two. Of course, Mario being the most overrated thing in the world would be number one. XD I expect it so much now that I can’t get mad about it. I do at least like Mario as a character anyways. :3

  10. I just kinda laughed to myself when you detailed that Tesco isn’t professional because they screwed up with names and then you used the wrong form of “their”

    *don’t even seem to know what “they’re” talking about. (not their, they’re is a contraction for “they are” while “their” would show possession, like “their cherry pie”)

    If you guys want to be taken seriously in your journalistic posts, maybe you should pick up a grammar book and learn the damn language you’ve been speaking all your life.

  11. @ Sean 😀
    1. No need to be rude
    2. Making a typo mistake is nowhere near as bad as Tesco failing with character names
    3. We aren’t trying to be a serious journalistic website, that’s not our style. I think you might be looking for TSSZ?

  12. @Shadzter

    I don’t know, the fact that the post was filed under “Sonic News” must have confused me and made me think you guys were delivering news and would therefore be a journalistic post. Maybe I just had a stroke or something.

    I apologize, I didn’t mean to be rude, I’ve just seen this mistake many times on this website and it’s starting to get on my nerves. And I didn’t mean to imply that it was a bigger mistake than Tesco’s, I just meant to point out that it was kinda ironic…

  13. First at TSSZ! Spelling error destroys Shadzter’s journalistic integrity! Slight error brings TSS to a stand-still!

    Jesus H Christ Sean; if a slight spelling error makes you have a stroke then the mention of more serious issues must make you self-combust!

    I think it’s pretty unimportant in the context of the story. Go and troll somewhere else.

  14. @ Sean 😀
    We deliver Sonic News yes but we’re in no way trying to be CNN News: Sonic Edition. I’m with sonicyoda, if something like a typo or a spelling mistake get’s you that upset then you need to sort out your priorities. We’ve tried being super serious and super professional with news articles before but it just bored the readers and made us too similar to sites like TSSZ.

    This is a fansite written for fans by the fans and no-one get’s paid. We just try to bring the news with a fun and casual approach with some slight humour here and there. We’ve had no complaints yet, as long as the article isn’t completely damaged and a complete mess who really cares about one typing error, really?

  15. Okay retards, I never said I cared about the typo other than the fact that it has happened before and it’s an extremely easy rule to remember. I was just pointing out that it was ironic, not that it destroyed the integrity of the article. I think that the Internet in general has gotten really lazy about proofreading and grammar in general. I can’t help it, I’m just trying to help get a little more of an educated look on this site and many others.

    My first post was just to say that that’s the rule for it and I was letting you know incase you didn’t know, considering I’ve seen this a lot here. You have to admit that while pointing out someone else’s mistake, you made one yourself and that’s ironic. I’m not insulting your journalistic ability or anything, I was just pointing it out.

    And, @sonicyoda, the typo didn’t give me a stroke, if you actually carefully read the comment, I was being sarcastic and saying that the word “news” in Sonic News made me think this was a NEWS post (journalistic) and I suggested that maybe I just had a stroke and that wasn’t a logical train of thought, admitting I could be wrong.

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