Sunday Poll: “waits 4 needlemouse infos”

Sunday Poll: “waits 4 needlemouse infos”

Nothing ever happens on Sundays.  You come here, usually shit ain’t goin’ on Sundays and you’re all like “pfffft, that sucks.”  Here’s a chance to do something about that, I guess.  I’m going to start doing this every Sunday.  The first Sunday poll question is:

With all the drama, leaks, and general bullshit around Project Needlemouse, how desperate are you to know anything about the game?

  1. Extremely Desperate.  I’ve ruined three pairs of pants.
  2. Desperate.  My pants are literally bulging.
  3. Moderate.  I feel a small sensation downstairs.
  4. Not Desperate.  I’d like more concrete information before getting tight.
  5. Don’t Give a Shit.  Self-explanatory.

Select one of the 5 answers in the comments box below.

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  1. Gotta admit, with all this fuss over a supposed leak at SEGAOnline, I’m pretty damn desperate for some solid info right now.


  2. Extremely desperate

    They announced the game half a year ago with no information on it, Mega Man 10 was announced with 3 months until release with a slew of screenshots and most of the information on the game ready for you to partake in it.

    I need some info!

  3. Moderate. I’ll only give more of a shit if the game is announced to be available in disc form as well as download. As a person who owns BOTH 360 and PS3, but has no idea how to get either of them online, it’s a pretty big kick in the balls.

  4. Moderate.

    To be honest; I really would like some Project Needlemouse information, as Sega HAS kept us waiting longer than we should, but I’ve waited this long already so I can be patient for a while loger if I have to be. Remember: The longer they wait to reveal stuff, the better the overall quality of that reveal becomes…………most of the time…

  5. Extremely Desperate. I’ve ruined three pairs of pants. XDD i always look forward to a brand new sonic game lol dont care how bad it will be i always look forward to one

  6. Honestly? Probably 5. Normally, I’d be patient, but I’m just sick of these crazy speculations, and would like them to be met or falsified with at least SOMETHING.

  7. Number 5.

    I’m sick of spoilers, sick of knowing the full game before it’s out, and I’m sick of people studying screenshots to death until theres nothing else left in the game that we can go WOW over.

  8. Moderate/Desperate. If it’s the same team that’s been working on the Sonic Rush games, I’m all ears.

  9. not desperate. listen, i love sonic the hedgehog games, and when i played unleashed, i thought, “How can sega top this”? now that doesnt mean i wont enjoy needlemouse, ill most likely buy it, but i doubt it will blow me away like unleashed did. Now sega all stars racing, that i am hyped for!

  10. 4.5 – I’d love to see some of the game, but as we know it’s being released 2010 AND already have some basic details, I don’t see what the big deal is with having to force anything out of Sonic Team. I’d give ’em until August to release any trailers. Before then… we’re not gonna see a dang thing. MAYBE a screen shot or two in July, but besides that… Nope, nothing, nada, nil, zilch. They’re being real tight-lipped about this, and for good reason. They’re not planning as big a show-off as the Olympic games, so they’re keeping it on the down-low to build anticipation and gain our insights. We know this game will be released, and we know that they’re currently working on it bit by bit. I have no doubt It’s gonna be beautiful.

  11. Either 2 or 1. I never really grew up with Sonic until, like, 2003 or 2005. So I could care a bit less about this game.

  12. 4.

    There are other games that I’m watching out for. I’d rather not act obsessed and fight over something just because it’s from one of my favorite franchises. Just sit and wait while I make a paper about lasagna for a class assignment.

  13. 4.5. I stopped caring when it was fairly obvious Sega wasn’t going to put it on the Wii. Not to mention Sonic hasn’t exactly had a seamless track record. >_>

  14. 4. Sure it gets exciting whenever something new may be announced, but I’m not going to be like a certain ginger and start digging along 4chan in desperation to find something.

  15. 2. I’m tired of waiting now…I was patience…but after seeing Badniks….hell yeah i want a piece of this..

  16. 4.
    They can take as long as they want (even push it back to 2011) as long as they get it right.

    Occasional illustration or a not too revealing picture every month or so would be nice

  17. Since I keep checking Sonic sites every frickin’ day and reading through ridiculously inane forum posts and shit just to see or hear something, I’ll have to say…


  18. 4.
    Hearing about a game too long before I can play it– I can’t let myself get excited, I’ll get bored with it before it’s even out.

  19. 1.
    Im even thinking of getting a deadly diese, going to the grant a wish foundation and forcing them to tell me MUHAHAHAHAAHAHAH xD
    Thats abit to evil…maybe Ill just, row a boat across the bay, break into S.F Sega.And see if any info is there xD

  20. I’d probably say 4, since I’m also checking sites every day (bar that TSSZ bullshit of course) for new info…my Sonic boxers are bulging alright…

  21. 4.

    There’s no use getting hyped about a game we haven’t even seen anything of yet (barring one piece of concept art). Heck, we don’t even know what platforms Project Needlemouse is going to be for. But if the rumors are true, then SEGA would be making yet another huge mistake by not bringing this next installment of the Sonic franchise to the Wii.

  22. 3. Don’t have much concrete info to get excited about to be honest. I’m a fan, I’m excited on principle. 😉

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