Sonic The Cupcake

Sonic The Cupcake

A site called Steel Head Studios have posted up pictures of 100 different cupcakes all with various board game, electronic toys and video game characters/references. One of them is the above Sonic the Hedgehog cupcake. The site has made a guessing game of each picture by hiding the franchise name it’s from before you then run your mouse cursor over the ? mark to reveal the answer.

Pretty good cake baking skills, I think I’d feel bad for eating such an awesome cake.


  1. Now that is way past cool, half deaf cause he’s missing an ear, but still way past cool ­čÖé


    *Ahem* In any case, that is an exceptionally tasty-looking cupcake. Personally, I think that SEGA should produce official Sonic-related beverages here in the UK; I’m still hankering after some of that SoniCola!

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