Sonic the Comic Online Release Issue Number 250

Sonic the Comic Online Release Issue Number 250

Those of you lucky enough (and old enough!) to be a UK resident will no doubt hold dear in your heart the memory of picking up the first issue of Sonic the Comic from your newsagents way back in 1993 and squealing with delight at the plethora of stories and articles before you. Unfortunately that all came to a bitter end in 2002 when after months of re-releasing older stories and losing the interest of the die-hard fans, the comic ceased production.

However as a testiment to the captivating script writing and gorgeous artwork, a band of fans simply could not let the comic die.

From the ashes rose Sonic the Comic Online (or STC-O as it is known), took off from issue 224 where the official release left off, with a large group of fan artists and writers joining forces to produce issues every few months in the style of the original. Over the years the comic has gradually gained momentum, caught the attention of the writers from Fleetway (including SoS regular Nigel Kitching!) and has being nominated for many online comic awards.

This month STC-O celebrates the new decade with the release of issue 250, a milestone in the comic’s history! I think you’ll agree the artwork is nothing short of fantastic (the team of artists include no less than three SatBK art contest winners, with others going on into the world of professional comic book writing!), and the plot as convincing as those from way back in the day.

TSS caught up with STCO artist Stiv, who kindly commented on the release of the issue:

“It’s been a labour of love.  First conceived over 7 years ago, it’s been brilliant to see it finally reach the masses.  So many people have worked very hard on getting it finished and it’s the most exciting thing in the Sonic Community I’ve taken part in.”

Go check out the new issue issue over on the Sonic the Comic Online Web page.

Maybe if I write to Megadroid they’ll do another Sparkster comic for me…

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  1. Eh.. its fan based :/
    Too bad about the original being canceled.. maybe if they shipped overseas like Archie they’d still be around?

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  2. I really loved some of the first few STC-O issues, but lost interest with some recent one’s.
    I’ll be sure to give this new one a good look into (the cover art reminds me of Sonic Chronicles).
    (P.S. which offical issue was the Sparkster comic from?)

  3. And a fantastic issue it was, when I first came across STC-O I was so thankful that a group of talented artists and story writers did this, and bought back the best comic ever made.

  4. It´s good to see that good comic´s get continued! 🙂 It was a joy to read this! 😀 I can read Archie (have a subscribtion that´s why) any day, but you don´t feel the love and detail these guys put into it from Archie, that´s something I have to say, fanmade or not, it´s the love that went into it that makes it something special! 🙂 Official or not, is not an important question here, something fictional only lived on in the minds of it´s fans, and as long as this love and dedication for something is there, and I don´t mean fanboyism here, something like this will not die. I don´t know why, … but after seeing this it gave me back faith in the Sonic Community, just a little at least, it reminds me why I´m here, not for fighting over opinions and idiotic decisions/changes, it´s because I wanna talk with other people about a thing I enjoy.
    This Comic should be licensed again, and printed while we´re at it! 🙂 Good Job guys, Good Job! 🙂

  5. @ Jix Hedgehog

    As long as it’s well made I don’t think anyone cares if it’s fan made. Many of the artists are on the boaderline of professional work and one of the artists has worked on 2000AD. It is also reccomended and supported by the original writers.

    There have been some odd hiccups here and there but overall the spirit of the orignal STC holds true.

  6. I remember when I first started buying the comic when I was about 5. I really wish it didn’t end. It’s cool that this is still around to keep the series alive, but if only they where still able to update with a new issue every fortnight. Alas, the guys working on it are already working there asses off to finish an issue every…let me think…2 to 4 months at a time <=(

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