Sonic Spotted On WWE Monday Night Raw

Sonic Spotted On WWE Monday Night Raw

First darts.  Now… wrestling?

If you like wrestling, you probably were smart like me and switched off the Slammy Awards 3-hour special immediately due to its lack of anything interesting (aka good wrestling).  One thing that I guess I missed out on is some dude in the crowd dressed as Sonic getting high fives from Maria.

In reality, did I really miss out?  I mean, I would have to sit through a Divas match to see the 3-seconds of a dude in a Sonic costume.  That’s rough, yo.  Here’s a video of Sonic in the crowd (he appears at the 0:23 mark; I made sure that you didn’t have to watch the awful match that preceded it):


Thanks to AngelCam for spotting this goon.

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  1. lol, first the darts championships, now this. Sonic can really get around (What am I talking about? Of curse he can!! He’s the fastest thing alive!! XD)

  2. Wow…. I had no idea Sonic was such a tough sports buff… maybe we’ll see him at the highland games next?

  3. Personally I hope to see him at an Olympic tournament next, a race would certainly suit him perfectly.

    But I am also shocked he likes wrestling…!!who knew!!

  4. Casanova said:

    Wow…. I had no idea Sonic was such a tough sports buff… maybe we’ll see him at the highland games next?

    Perhaps we will Casanova, Perhaps we will! *dons sonic suit* off to the games i go.

  5. Maybe I’ll wear my sonic cap-head-thing to the next Western Force game… that’ll get me on TV.

  6. I feel you man. While I like the Diva’s and all. there just isn’t anything interesting about their matches.

    I watched the Slammy’s that day, wierd though how I missed that. usually I pay attention to those things.

  7. And here’s one more: her theme song was performed by Zebrahead. The same band that made Sonic’s theme, “His World”, for the Sonic ’06 game. One of my personal favorite songs, too.

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