Sonic Spotted at the World Women’s Darts Championship

Sonic Spotted at the World Women’s Darts Championship


Thanks to Casanova at the SSMB for posting this video.  “You’re welcome,” he says.

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  1. ” “You’re welcome,” he says” I said no such thing! But you’re welcome

    P.S. is this the greatest world exclusive of all time?

  2. see the guy dressed as Sonic made face palmed.
    But, hearing the conversation between the two guys = WIN! XD

  3. I actually watched Championship Darts this year, to see what it was like. Quite a fun sport to watch in the end, no where near as boring as I thought XD Much more exciting because people are so into it, it’s good to see they care so much about something I might do when desperately bored at my friend’s house.

    But yeah, saw the Hedgehog a good few times over the last couple of days, made me smile. You cannot see my smile, but if you imagine my face is made out of mathematical signs, then my smile would be something like this: =)

  4. That last bit is very funny.

    Only thing I don’t get about so many mainstreamers is that they seem COMPLETELY unaware that Sonic has er… more than one game to his name.

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