Sonic Show: The Marcus Minute, Ep. 1

Sonic Show: The Marcus Minute, Ep. 1

TSS’ vidcast, The Sonic Show, has a new face… and it’s the face of a generation.

If you were anywhere near SAGE 2009 this past July, you should know Marcus.  He had a few hours of air-time that everybody loved.  If you are unfamiliar with him, here’s his story of how he ended up on The Sonic Show:

Marcus was born in 1995.  Marcus’ first Sonic experience was Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast.  He didn’t know what a “Genesis” was until last year.  He decided to play the games that started it all.

One day, Marcus decided that he wanted to be like everybody else on YouTube and review classic games.  Nobody watched him and those that actually did hated his guts.  Marcus locked himself in a closet of Shadow plushies and cut his wrists with the instruction manual of Sonic ’06.

We saw him in action and, quite frankly, he’s the best at what he does.  Jay (DiscoPonies), head of the Sonic Show, decided to pick him up.  Marcus emerged from his closet a new man.  Today, we bring you his first review as he takes a retrospective look at the original Sonic the Hedgehog.


Watch “The Marcus Minute” at The Sonic Show.


Also new at The Sonic Show is #47, a behind the scenes look at the making of a film that you probably didn’t even know existed.  It’s a sequel to boot.  What?


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  1. I didn’t actually think there was a fan like this.

    Somehow, it’s actually quite comforting to know that not everyone liked the old games. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly partial to them myself. The only one I liked was S3&K.

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