Sonic Pajamas Are Surprisingly For Dudes

Sonic Pajamas Are Surprisingly For Dudes

Over at UK: Resistance, they’ve found a pair of pink pajama bottoms with classic Sonic branded all over.   You can purchase it at UK retail chain “New Look” in the “men’s sleepwear” section.  What?

Purchase them online at the New Look store.

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  1. I’ll bet Amy wears these. She wouldn’t care if they’re for guys! They’re pink, and they have Sonic on them!

  2. Loving Sonic’s Jazz hands on this. Shame they are pajama bottoms though, I like to sleep in the nude…

  3. Hm. And it takes real men like Dan Hibiki of Street Fighter Alpha, and Geoff, from Total Drama, to promote the men in pink fashion, and Geoff’s a really cool dude! BOOYAH!

  4. Bought a pair in store, was well happy. Removed all the tags, sat down and just spotted the ridiculously shoddy print job on them, mine are practically plagued with unecessary black lines and extra noses

  5. I’d buy a pair.. I mean I don’t wear PJ’s out of the house… all that often
    They look cool enough 🙂

  6. Well, I’m a guy, and I wear lilac PJs with sheep on them every night, so I’d most definitely wear these.

    The only thing that puts me off them is that the bottoms don’t have a top, and I don’t have anything appropriate to go with them. Ah well, maybe next time.

  7. Oh my god. They’re awful…What kind of person wears pink? I’m still buying them though…Even if they ARE for dudes…

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