Sonic City Blognik Unveils the ASR Wii Wheel

Sonic City Blognik Unveils the ASR Wii Wheel

Our ol’ pal ArchangelUK revealed the ASR Wii Wheel today on the Sonic City Blognik.  It is currently only for those in Europe.  Americans, import the thing (or just buy Nintendo’s Wii Wheel).  Unless you don’t want more hunks of plastic to stick your remote into, look at these fancy pictures below:

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  1. CURSE YOU LUCKY EUROPEANS. I love you guys you lucky rabbits. xD They’re as lucky as japan when they got that sonic christmas card. Next up America? ;P

  2. @ Sonic4K6
    Get the 360 version becuase you’ll get banjo and his feathered friend exclusivly for the 360.
    *cough*Lucky jerk*cough*
    WAIT I have all four systems. Nvm your not the only lucky one xD
    My friends ask me would I spend almost 200$ for a bunch of the same sonic games. When it comes with different exclusive HELL YEA. Id spend 500$….dont push it SEGA. Im not that crazy.We all have are limits.

  3. Nonsense, Eggman, the Wii’s controls are hardly…er, “irresponsible”. And Mario Kart Wii and Speed Racer both controlled damn well on the Wii wheel. I expect no less here.

  4. @ nuckles87:
    different opinions i guess?
    i tried using the wii wheel for mk wiii, it was awful.
    i prefer my classic controller and the ps3 version (even without exclusive character. Curse you Sega!)
    but your right irresponsible is the wrong word… hmmmm maybe i’m just an stubborn old man who likes his buttons. =/

  5. Release a blue Wiimote and you got me sold. Though I would get that Wiiwheel anyway.

    The only game that I’ve played that has bad Wiimote control issues was ironicly Sonic Unleashed. The controls were so badly lagged I had to stop playing it…until I found out I could use a Gamecube controller.

  6. If Sega can get the thing working properly then this game is already better than Mario Kart (which, again, doesn’t take much)

  7. A Wii Wheel is just a piece of plastic with no components in it. It’s impossible for it to not work properly because it is exactly like just having the Wiimote by itself.

  8. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if Toys “R” Us will give away a free figure in the U.S like they did with Sonic Unleashed (it came with the Jazwares Werehog action figure). Jazwares should be putting out their ASR figures before the game comes out, so it’s possible.

  9. XAMOEL : Who knows I doubt him getting since this like his own kart racing game but who knows maybe her will appear as well a PS3 character for PS3

  10. Wait..Sonic is in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing?
    The wheel looks cool and I agree with whoever said he’d like a blue Wiimote…

  11. I thought Mario Kart Wii was actually more fun with the Wii wheel. Otherwise, it would’ve just been another Mario Kart rehash, albeit harder (12 racers at once is just *insane*) and with slightly better graphics.

    If the American version of ASR came with this, I’d actually be more interested in getting the Wii version. Exclusive content would be better, but at least this would be something. And I wouldn’t pay an extra $10 just to get it with a regular Wii wheel.

    European exclusive = marketing fail

  12. i already have the sonic wheels from Target but i wan’t this wheel cause it looks heeps better

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