Sonic ’06 Macarena

Sonic ’06 Macarena


Hate or love Sonic ’06 you’ll find something humorous in sonic00yea’s video with a Macarena twist to the game’s cutscenes. The part of the song about not worrying about the female singer’s boyfriend playing to a scene of Amy all over Silver when she mistakes him for Sonic is very funny indeed.



  1. LOl very funny.

    The last Sonic Game I’ve played in 2009 day 31 😛 hehe was SONIC UNLEASHED and the first Sonic Game i’ve played this year (2010) was SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 06 🙂


  2. Not the hilarious YouTube masterpiece that I was led to expect, but still rather… diverting, shall we say?

    And it also served well as a lesson in what YouTube can do nowadays; that video had stereo sound – and I didn’t even have to click HQ!

  3. Yeah I’ll admit it was only funny in parts, I just found those small parts hilarious myself and since there’ not much else to post about I thought I’d post that. Better than having no new posts on the front page at all.

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