Confirmed: Sonic X-treme Character Chaz Found

SSMB member MarcelloF was checking out Sonic X-treme stuff on the Spriters Resource website and found a character called Chaz’s sprites there that were ripped from the game. If the character is an animal it has no obvious similarity to any species, it look’s like a cross between an armadillo and a badger if you ask me.

The character looks more like an enemy since the only animation shown is walking and running.

We’ll try to get some confirmation from Chris Senn but until then we’ll treat this as rumour since there are a lot of fan spriters out there on the interwebs.

Link with more sprites here.


Owner of The Spriters Resource website Dazz has confirmed that the sprites are from the game’s data.

I can tell you now, that sheet is in the data. It’s not fan sprited.
I run tSR, and Yawackhary who ripped those got them straight from the data like the other spriters have. It was a small project some of them worked on.

It could be just an unused enemy.


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  1. Great; yet another Sonic Xtreme rumour. Exactly what the fanbase needs…

    What’s the betting that this new “discovery” will herald a huge discussion in which everyone debates about whether the game would have been any good or not?

    Jeez… I wait for four days for new Sonic news, and I’m treated with what? A rumour? That’s just brilliant…

  2. I’m staff on tSR and I uploaded that sheet. I can tell you that it’s not fanmade and was found in the game’s leaked data. We don’t know anything but that. We put him under “enemies” out of pure speculation (he’s robotic, after all). Good luck finding out who he is. We’re interested too.

  3. Extaticus, if there are no news to be posted, what’s wrong with posting some rumours here and there. I’m pretty sure that there was nothing new on the project-needlewhatever stuff, and if they had something, the’yd post it instead of some xtreme sprites. happy new year!

  4. @Extaticus
    Like rafthehay said, there’s no other news to be posted about at the moment. The big Gamespot interview we covered didn’t reveal anything Sonic related and after scouring the net for the umpteenth time I’ve not found anything. Soon as we find something interesting we’ll write about it, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Awesome. I love new characters. =3

    Can’t make hind nor hair of it, though. All I see are Shadow’s eyes, boxing gloves and the biggest hooter in the Sonic universe…

  6. …….
    I dunno but has anyone heard of Photoshop?

    I won’t believe until Chris Senn says so x3

  7. @Extaticus

    Oh, sorry, you were expecting news on Project Needlemouse or something the day before anyone at SEGA even steps into their offices from Christmas holiday? Get a grip, dude. If you’ve been waiting four days expecting news over Christmas, you need a better hobby.

  8. I’d still like to know what Gazebo Boobowski looked like, the creator mentioned that he’d eventually put up artwork but never did =(
    But it’s nice to see what could have been of Sonic X-treme

  9. Also is Chaz the official name? very different to the usual names that they make for characters.
    But still, a very cool find =)

  10. You’d think Chris Senn would’ve mentioned something like this when he started up that website with nearly everything related to Sonic Xtreme’s development,which strikes this as fishy.

    Doesn’t look all that interesting anyway.

  11. @Will: I do! I do! You’re not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    If people are getting tired of the fanbase talking about what could have been of Sonic X-Treme, then it’s not like they *have* to click on the article and read it, right? Seriously, just don’t read it if it bothers you that much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Frankly, I really enjoy articles pertaining to this game. And I kinda hope that this is a real character. He looks cool! ๐Ÿ˜€ Retro Sonic character designs are awesome, yo! He looks like a bear…

  12. …I’m confused as to why people care so much about an unfinished game they’ll never get to play. ยฆD;

  13. *Removes Sonic beanie he got for xmas*

    Poor Sonic X-Treme, continuously dug up from its grave while someone has its way with it ๐Ÿ™

    Why won’t people let you rest in peace?

    *Tear rolls down from one eye as he places a Sega Saturn control pad next to the freshly re-dug grave*

    Instead of my usual signature.. how about just a moments silence for the dearly departed……..

  14. It would be cool if they began to make X-treme again and make it a downloadable on wii ware or something, even though it will never happen ๐Ÿ™

  15. @Wave Kusanagi

    Because it looked unique, fun, interesting, bright and colourful; like a Sonic game should look. If you really don’t give a toss about Xtreme, why do you show up on Xtreme related posts just to slag off everyone that supports its’ legacy?

  16. odd, looks like hes got a slow running and then fast running animations.
    Most enemies dont get that

  17. @sonicyoda

    …So apparently making a neutral statement that I don’t understand something equals me being hostile towards everyone? Butthurt much? -.o

    I never said that I didn’t care about this or that I thought any less of you all for liking it. I merely said that I didn’t understand why people do care about this game so much since it was never released. It’s true that I don’t see what’s so great about it like you people apparently do, but I was in no way raining on your parade.

    Honestly, quit being such a prick and get over yourself and your ego.

    …And “Legacy”…? Wow…Talk about exaggeration. XD

  18. I personally don’t think they were meant to be of a new Sonic character, probably just either a boss or some leftover from a tech demo.

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