Rumour: New Sonic Spinball Game Coming To Wii?

Rumour: New Sonic Spinball Game Coming To Wii?

UK online retailer Simply Games are listing a new Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball title for Nintendo Wii, but what’s odd about it is they list Capcom rather than SEGA as publisher. This fresh listing has conveniently come in at a time when SEGA and Alton Towers have teamed up for a new Sonic Spinball theme park ride. A statement below from a staff member at the park claims SEGA are planning a Sonic relaunch of some kind.

Dear ….

Happy New Year

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I have been on holiday. I am sure that you will have picked up press reports by now relating to Spinball Whizzer and the fact that we are in partnership with Sega resulting in a retheme to the ride to coincide with the relaunch of Sonic. We hope that the retheme will be complete for our February half-term opening.

Kind regards

So, could SEGA be planning a relaunch for Sonic Spinball on Wii? We’ll let you know if any more info comes in, but for now take this with a grain of salt, especially as retailers make mistakes with their listings all the time.


  1. @ Hudson
    As knuxtaben said, the original is already on the Virtual Console and retailers don’t list/sell downloadable games for your console’s.

    @ A Knothole Resident
    That would be cool to see again 😀

  2. It might not include any Archie Comics characters at all. I mean, there’s already enough official characters to guarantee the lack of Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and Rotor. You could replace them with Amy, Cream and Cheese, Marine, and Rouge. And you could replace classic Animals with Big, Blaze, and others.

  3. @ Hudson
    I don’t think you understand. The source I’ve linked to in the article is an online store listing for a retail Wii Sonic Spinball title, as in disc format that you can order online or buy in the shops.

  4. @Shadzter: Well it’s a pinball title then there’s no use of putting it on a disc unless some adventure format is going to be included.

  5. @ Hudson
    Well thats what the listing says so they must have something big planned for it if this game turns out to be true and not a retailer mess up.

  6. Forget Blaze, Rouge, Cream, Big etc. etc. etc. A 3D rendered Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Mutski, Flicky and Wocky is what I want! (the original captive cameos… along with tails of course).

  7. I’m going to go ahead and de-confirm this so Steve Liarcett won’t have to.

    *Every time Sumo or Sega screw up Sonic Sega Racing info, another 10 copies of Mario Kart Wii fly off store shelves 🙁 *

  8. @ Jix Hedgehog
    Steve Lycett had nothing to do with those ASR announcements being made, Nintendo’s team behind their Wii’s European Nintendo Channel and the agency behind the ASR Facebook page AAUK mentioned made them. Steve just simply did his job and corrected their mistakes, would you rather he not?

    In regards to this news, Steve Lycett and Sumo Digital have nothing to do with this game (if it’s real) as far as we know at this point lol!

  9. I’d be awesome if this is real and turned out to be from Silverball Studios, formerly known as Fuse Games, makers of Mario Pinball Land and Metroid Prime Pinball.

    But yeah, kinda fishy, do they mislist games often?

  10. Cool! Maybe it will just be a budget title though. I hope they don’t use any of the old characters from Satam though.

  11. Sonic Spinball….thats a bit niche….

    I was pretty fun, but the main thing that I can remember is the soundtrack being awesome… it should be.

  12. New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball! New Sonic Spinball!


    Project Needlemouse can go and stuff itself.

  13. @ Hero of Legend
    I’ve not known this specific retailer mis-list games before in the past year I’ve known about them and been visiting them but most retailers do make mistakes with their listings every now and then.

  14. I wonder when this will be “first on TSSZ!” xD. Just kidding…

    I sucked at the original, but seeing how easy most games are today, I could have a chance at beating it xP

  15. Ummm… don’t know about this but something about it just doesn’t seem quite right…

    I mean why would Sega do a new Sonic game and they didn’t even show anything about thier upcoming game ( a budget title i believe) in the fist place?

  16. @3thmthm: Three Words: Relaunch of Sonic.

    SEGA’s finally listened to us. They’re going back the 90s and making Sonic cool again. They’re wanting to give us the biggest surprise ever since they worked with Bioware.

    Down with Shadow, Up with Metal Sonic!

    Oh and all of you naysayers who want to keep Freedom Fighters away from this title might want to stuff it. I’m getting a good feeling from all the news that I’ve been hearing that a huge surprise may be on the horizon.

  17. EVERYONE! I know this isn’t related to the topic, but I think has a virus!

    Go to the site then go to your browsing history, you’ll see a page called keyslave!!! It has a keylogger!

  18. Oh man I hope this is true. Spinball was so awesome even though I suck at it. I’d love a new one.

  19. This is alright I guess… I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a Sonic 4.

    If Project Needlemouse ends up being this pinball game, I will personally take a trip to SEGA’s headquarters, walk in the building, and back-slap every single employee in the face >=(

  20. @SonicDaMan: You, SDM, got this wrong. It’s COINCIDING WITH the launch of Project Needlemouse, aka “Sonic: Whatever the subtitle will be.”

  21. @Ethan Kerr

    Nope, your wrong. It’s the THEME PARK RIDE that’s coinciding with the launch of Needlesmouse, not this rumoured game

  22. Would you call it “Sonic Throwback?” After the Pepsi Throwback Drinks (Limited Time Only)?

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