RUMOR: Is Project Needlemouse “Sonic 4?”

RUMOR: Is Project Needlemouse “Sonic 4?”

So, I went on Sonic Retro a second ago and got a link to a 1UP article about the “games that they’re dying to see.” Project Needlemouse is on the list.  Here’s what they said:

Here’s what people already know about the game: it centers on only Sonic, it’s going to be 2D, it’s in HD, and it’ll be coming to Xbox Live and PSN. Here’s what they don’t know: it’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4. At least, that’s how it’s considered internally at Sega — whether it’ll have some other name when it ships, we’re not sure. But from its 2D gameplay to its focus on just the character we actually give a shit about, this is the Sonic game we’ve been waiting for since we moved on from the Sega Genesis. Let’s just hope this doesn’t all sound too good to be true — the second we see a Weresonic or Sonic’s fat purple friend we’re calling bullshit on the whole thing.

You call bullshit, 1UP?  Nah, I call bullshit on you.  Sonic 4?  You know just as much about Project Needlemouse as the rest of us: nothing.  We got crabs.

Each commenter gets a bonus point if they post a link to a “Sonic the Hedgehog 4” fangame.

Source: 1UP

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  1. @1UP:

    1. It’s called the Werehog dumbasses

    2. Big is awesome

    3. SEGA announced that Sonic is the only character so your statement about Big is fail

    4. Yeah, it’s reeeal smart & mature to call a game that may be good and hasn’t been released yet bullshit just because it has characters you don’t like. I don’t care much for Chip, but Sonic Unleashed is still a great game

  2. & 5. You suck! You don’t know anything about Needlemous so quit acting like heroes and stop feeding people false crap!

  3. “You call bullshit, 1UP? Nah, I call bullshit on you. Sonic 4? You know just as much about Project Needlemouse as the rest of us: nothing. We got crabs.”

    Okay, that was hilarious. X)

  4. You know, given 1UP’s status as a news site, it’s not out of the question for them to know something we don’t.

  5. Does this mean we’re NOT gonna see a WiiWare Release of the game that’s in Standard Definition, and 16-Bit Graphics? Or is the new Sonic game even MEANT for WiiWare? Will the next Sonic game for Wii end up being a port of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), or will it be the next entry in the Sonic Storybook Series?

  6. Sonic Story Book seires LEAK!!!

    Sonic……wait for it…………….Sonic: To Kill a Mocking Bird!! Sonic fights for JUSTICE AND DE SEGREGATION

  7. I don’t know, maybe…

    I mean those concept art pieces we’ve been seeing for the last few weeks do remind me of the old school days.

    Well, we’ll see…

  8. I will laugh so damn hard if it does end up being Sonic 4 after this post. Literal tears will come to my eyes, not just of joy at Sega ‘getting it’, but from joy of knowing you guys have ended looking like the biggest tools on the Internet.

  9. @ Angel C: Only the crab was official. The other arts were fanmade. Really, REALLY well made, but still made by fans.

    Also: 1-up, the new IGN.

  10. Yay, Brad is letting someone apart from me have it for a change 🙂

    I still don’t know where everyone is picking up this HD business..

  11. Why do those gaming news websites keep saying “PN is HD, so 360 and PS3 only”? Haven’t seen the Stadium (the best gaming news website ever btw) mention anything of the sort, so the others must be trying to start something. I already missed out on Sonic 06 (for better or worse) and I don’t want to miss out on this because it won’t be released on the Wii.

  12. @Hudson

    You’re seriously going to cry because 1up called him “Weresonic”? Will you get upset if I just call him crap?

  13. @ Wii owners.

    “SEGA’s associate brand manager revealed to Gamespot that Project Needlemouse is being developed in high-def, but before any Wii-only owners pop their corks; remember, most 2D games are drawn in high resolution and scaled down as required”

  14. Calm down guys, they just said that the game is internally called Sonic 4. “At least, that’s how it’s considered internally at Sega — whether it’ll have some other name when it ships, we’re not sure.” They’re not preselling it as Sonic 4 or anything like that. And if I worked at Sega I wouldn’t certainly call it “Project needlemouse”.
    – Hey, thomas, where are those Project Needlemouse bg libs?
    – Ah, try the “Project Needlemouse libs” folder.

    Wether it’ll be HD or not, maybe Wii won’t be able to handle it. But then, if you bought a Wii you probably knew that you wouldn’t get the same games as the 360 and PS3, mostly because of it’s low specs.

    In the end, if it turns out to be Sonic 4, or at least good enough to be called Sonic 4, it’ll be great. :]

  15. Feh. It’s going to be the same game anyway, so I’d rather they give it a title that won’t make expectations skyrocket like this. Besides, if they were going to call it that, they’d probably have advertised it as such from the beginning for extra hype points.

  16. The game will release on Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Some hints from Sega along with the fact that they will port anything and details about the game can justify this.

  17. @ila: Why the hell are you attacking me? I’m not even talking to you. I’m just stating 1UP’s un-intelligence and how they think they’re smarter than everyone. It’s called the “Werehog” so there.

  18. Gah I can’t stand people who try to slate a game before its even been played, let alone something that has no gameplay shown yet. And I don’t care what people say, I’ve enjoyed every single sonic game release since the megadrive, some more than others granted, but thats just to be expected in evertying. Sonic always rocks.

  19. It’s bad enough that FOX is telling us to get HDTVs for their Forced-HD Format shows. Now, we have to put up with Sega telling us to buy either a PS3 or XBox 360! I mean, I might as well get a PS3, since you could play PS1 Classics, and others. And there are some games I wanted to get: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Devil May Cry 4, Little Big Planet, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, the eventual next chapter in the Kingdom Hearts series.

  20. I’m really hoping this is something like the day stages from sonic unleashed. The sonic for sega genesis games were all great games…But they were all great games at the time. Now they’re considered generic because you move in one direction. There was absolutely nothing wrong with 2.5 D….switching from 3d and 2d. That’s what made sonic unleashed fun. It brought back the speed…and some of the original sonic roots. But we all remember playing sonic adventure 1 and we all loved it. That’s why sega must not abandon the 3d sonic games….And when is the next storybook sonic coming out? when are we getting info on that?

  21. I have to imagine the people at SEGA. “Hey, we have to get on working on Sonic the Hedgehog 4- I mean Project Needlemouse.WINK! HEE HEE HEE! “HAR HAR HAR!”

  22. They have to release a Wii version. Last time they left wii out of the mix it was a complete disaster (Sonic ’06). SEGA! Make it a Wiiware title, Make it a disk, charge 50 dollars for it, cut out hub stations or whatever it takes to put it on Wii, you won’t regret it!

  23. What’s the big deal with the name ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4?’ There are plenty of Sonic games that could have been given that title but the makers chose not to. What’s in a name?

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