Project Needlemouse Challenge II Update

Project Needlemouse Challenge II Update

SEGA staffer Ruby Eclipse has made an update on the SEGA of America Blog regarding Project Needlemouse Challenge II. It appears the Sonic community has pulverised the requested 100 pieces of art as the current ammount of submissions now stands at over 350 entries so give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back.

In celebration of the effort that’s been put in RubyEclipse had this to say –

That makes all of us – including, hopefully, you guys – very happy. The challenge has been bested within 48 hours, and as a result next week is going to be the Week of the Hedgehog! The celebration will begin next Tuesday on Hedgehog Day, (step aside, groundhog!) with a special massive swag giveaway and concept art reveal, and will lead into our biggest announcement going live as we approach next weekend. Trust us when we say that February is going to be a very good month.

Now then – to celebrate your success, we’d like to offer you guys additional rewards for continuing to send in your concept art – and some very awesome concept art, at that! So,for every 50 pieces of Concept Art (past 100), we will give away one extra piece of Sonic Merchandise during our Hedgehog Day giveaway!

To close RubyEclipse wanted to put an end to a rumour about the project that’s been going around to no end until now –

Oh, and as another bonus, let’s go ahead and dispel away a little rumor that we’ve noticed in the comments:

Project Needlemouse is not an HD version of Sonic 1. These may be old badniks, but when we said all-new adventure, we meant it.

The SEGA staff have picked out a bunch of their favourite pieces of concept art sent in and posted them up on the Blog for all to see. Has your entry been posted up? Excited about Hedgehog Day? Let us know in the comments

Thanks to jeremycarrier over at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Thank you Ruby, I still have no idea where people picked up this HD BS from!
    I’m tired and sore and need a weekend to soak in the tub.. but bring on next week!

  2. @Jix
    It could still be in HD, I think Ruby means that this isn’t a remake of Sonic The Hedgehog which some people have been lead to believe with the reveal of those classic badniks.

  3. I Have a strange feeling that this game is gunna come out around june time when the orginal sonic 1 came out does anyone else think that ? i could be wrong but you never know

  4. That would be cool, and convenient too. Game releases are usually very slow during the summer, so this would be a great time to kick back and play a new Sonic game ^^

  5. I want some of that Sonic merchandise! Hope you don’t have to partake in the drawing contest to get any, I’m not good enough to compete.


  6. That’s cool that they are caring on the hedgehog day tradition. I just read an article in the Library archives about how in 1994 The Hedgehog over shadowed the Groundhog by releasing Sonic 3 on Groundhogs day. There was a huge inflatable Sonic at the Groundhog festival. It said it was the biggest video game advertising campaign in history (back then), how Sonic teamed up with McDonalds, Betty Crocker and Life Savers (Cracker Jacks too, but that wasn’t mentioned in the article). They said the game sold a couple million copies on that one day and SEGA had made over a billion dollars since they released the 1st Sonic game, and was beating Nintendo in the console war with a 60-40 sales percent. I think that’s everything. Good old ’90s

  7. I hope it’s not released on wii…. All those comment asking if it’s on the wii are getting annoying….so no wii release please xD

  8. bravo Sega, you achieved that a community, which argues all the time, to work together.
    The excitement for this game is now unstopable.
    and here also my thanks to rubyeclipse. these articles from him, made my month.
    Now rest in piece my sig.
    (” waits for Project Needlemouse into)

  9. LightSpeedSonic says: “So does this mean it will be released on the wii :0?
    That would be awesome :D”

    Just because it isn’t Sonic 1 HD doesn’t mean it won’t be HD. There’s still a chance of a Wii release, though.

  10. When the time comes, we can all happily team up and hit the challenge. 350+! That frankly is staggering in 48 hours. If this carries on until Monday it’ll be touching 1000 which is pretty spectacular.

    Hedgehog Day 2010; massive swag giveaway; concept art reveal, biggest announcement going live; for every 50 pieces of Concept Art (past 100), we will give away one extra piece of Sonic Merchandise during our Hedgehog Day giveaway! *clenches fists and shakes trying to hold together the excitement*

  11. And the piece of bonus information? It’s also coming out on the Dingoo A320!

    [/wishful thinking]

  12. *looks at the cool fan art*

    I can’t believe that someone decided to take one of those annoying barrels and turn it into a badnik. To be quite honest I think thats what sonic team should have done in Sonic 3.

  13. FINALLY!

    Thank GOD that damn rumor is finally dead! When they said An All New 2D adventure in HD, they meant an All New 2D adventure in HD! XD

    With that HD part in mind, this still most likely won’t be for the Wii, which makes me happy as can be, since it means it’ll probably actually do some good. Then again, we still have to worry about whether it’s download only or not. I really hope it isn’t, or I won’t be able to even get it. x_x

  14. @Hahaha: Forget you! Wii ftw!

    …Still, I suppose it doesn’t matter considering I have all three systems… lol now I’ve got the song “It Doesn’t Matter (SA2)” stuck in my head…

  15. @ Jix
    the sega dude from the first interview at game spot, which came out together with the teaser.
    look it up

  16. Aside from all of the Sonic Heroes jokes… This is awesome news! I’m really happy about it not being Sonic 1 HD.

    Groundhog day? I know Hedgehog day, but what is this… Groundhog day you speak of?

  17. @Wave:

    “this still most likely won’t be for the Wii, which makes me happy as can be, since it means it’ll probably actually do some good”

    What is that supposed to mean???

  18. @Jix: RubyEclipse meant Needlemouse wouldn’t be a Sonic 1 in HD. It’s Sonic in an all-new adventure in HD. A few people in the community thought this was just Sega trying to copy the Sonic 2 HD project, but instead recreate Sonic 1. This just isn’t so–this is Sonic in an all-new adventure, displayed in one thousand eighty lines of graphical glory!

  19. Dammit – I simply can’t keep my excitement for this game under control any more… I swore I would never again be excited for a Sonic game before I’ve personally played it – let alone before there are even any official screenshots or gameplay footage! But then I read this in the previous sega blog post:
    “Speed is not found by simply pushing a boost button, but by building momentum.”
    And I was like, oh god – they may be doing it right this time.
    BTW, my spikebonker got featured :3

  20. IM QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Now if only 250$ could apear in my pocket xD
    This is going to be good. Ppl that though it was an HD version of sonic 1 should go take a nice cold bath >.>

  21. Sega said it would be HD like a billion times.

    The point is that it’s not a REMAKE of Sonic 1.

  22. *waits for Tuesday*
    Tuesday’s gonna rock.
    And… HA! To all those who said project needlemouse was going to be an HD version of Sonic 1

  23. @ Wave : Thanks 🙂 I missed that.. finally know where people got the HD thing from.

    Happy Hedgehog Week everyone! Here’s to some sweet updates! cheers

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