Prediction for Needlemouse’s Character List

Prediction for Needlemouse’s Character List

In all seriousness, this list is pretty funny.  I forgot that SEGA had a sense of humor.  Well played.

My favorite prediction was when the game was announced, though.  You might remember us telling you about awesome sprite t-shirts a few weeks ago.  Well, those were made by our friend Trunks, from “The Wild Adventures of Trunks and Soto.” He posted this GIF in the Needlemouse thread at Sonic Retro and I wouldn’t be surprised if it came true…

Aaaaaand… one more for the road…

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  1. I think I wet myself of laughter at the first pic xD
    Vector: Super Rolf
    Froggy: kinda funny
    Shade: Hella funny
    Chip: I cant find a word for how funny that is
    Shadow: Scribbles ever thing leaving the o, Adds one L on each side ;D LOL
    Amy: I wouldnt have crossed it out.I would have burned it >;D
    Mr. Needlemouse: xD
    Sonic: O .O DUH XD
    Tikal: Well technically I would count her as dead…but sure Ill give it a mini lol

    And as for Shadow the Hedgehog 2….THE WORLD ENDS 20102.ITS A SIGN OF THE APOCOLYSPE

  2. I am Tristan and nobody gives a shit about me. Watch me whack off in this comment box. Check out my unwarranted self-importance. Ego STROKE. Ego STROKE.

    Please, somebody give me a cookie. I have so earned it.

  3. I’m good with the big three, and I’d like to be able to play as Knuckles.

    I’d have no issue with cameos from the Chaotix, Shadow or Amy, but I don’t want them playable (maybe Shadow playable)

  4. Lol, you made scribbles, very mature audience you think you have. 😀

    To be fair tho, most of that list doesn’t quite make sense. Shadow, Chaotix and Amy, I’d understand (less on the latter two), Shade I’m not really fond of. Froggy, what? Big, let’s not try. Chip I don’t think should. And where the hell are Tails and Knuckles?

    And if this is really a joke from Sega (which it’s starting to look like), it’s not really that funny. To you, maybe, not to me tho, alot of the list is just stupid.

  5. For once, Stadium and I agree on something 😛 No one but Sonic.. taking things solo like the good old days 🙂

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  6. “And if this is really a joke from Sega (which it’s starting to look like), it’s not really that funny. To you, maybe, not to me tho, alot of the list is just stupid.”
    I think it’s a funny way to keep us all busy for a week. What a terrible list, haha…

    “For once, Stadium and I agree on something”
    Jix, what are you talking about? You and I agree on a lot of things. How quickly you forget. 😛

  7. If a character is crossed off every day of the week, should that mean that all but seven characteres are going to make it? …there are more than seven there. Despite that, I see Shadow as the only logical one there.

    And… maybe Mr. Needlemouse is the new Chip of the game… I don’t know.

    If Knuckles and Tails can’t join, I don’t want any one else…

  8. Chip: FUCK NO

    As much as I like the little guy, I see no reason for him to be brought back, especially so soon and in a game that’s supposed to harken back to the Genesis era in 2D-HD watchow! action.

    Anyways, that made me laugh. You very funny man Brad.

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