New Sonic DS Merchandise

New Sonic DS Merchandise

Mad Catz, a company well known for creating gaming accessories over the years look to have acquired a Sonic license agreement with SEGA for DS accessories. The accessories are even tagged with SEGA’s modern Sonic The Hedgehog logo. Among the accessories being produced are plastic DS shells, wallet thingies and those trendy fad DS socks. They’ll be hitting shops soon but no date has been revealed yet.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Looks like a DSi plastic shell

    @ Ben : Project Merchanmouse
    @ Porpoise : DSi Wallets… but you could always carry cash in ’em I suppose
    @ Ison : Nothing wrong with the DSPhat, its the most solid out of the 4

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  2. I wouldnt mind having a DSi case.Or a wallet,my purse sucks when it comes to holding money
    @Umiyuri=I doubt it,it looks like they were designed for just DSi’s judging by the hole for the camera.The phat would be too big to fit.

  3. I hope they will be sold in the UK, the brand new DSi I got for Christmas needs a decent home when I’m not playing it =D

  4. I hope that they all come in plus sizes; my original DS needs some more Sonic love!

    Although, I would like to see a Sonic-themed case for my Dingoo A320 (yeah, like THAT’S ever gonna happen)…

  5. Looks like this might be the first Mad Catz product that actually WORKS. : P

    I do want me one of those wallet-like things, though. If just for the different Sonic art than we normally see.

  6. Yeah, that’s nice but where is the character variety? Hopefully it comes soon because my poor DS has been bare without a Dr. Robotnik cover to call home.

    I mean look at it Mad Catz, It’s all alone and shivering on top of my drawer holding a tiny cardboard sign, scrawled in crude magic marker that begs “WIL PLAI GAMEZ FUR SHELTTER.”

    Also it can’t spell.

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