New Screenshots and Achievements From SA XBLA

New Screenshots and Achievements From SA XBLA

SEGAOnline have gotten hold of some new screenshots and achievements from the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic Adventure we informed you about Jan 11th. Sonic’s model in the screenshots confirm this is definitely the Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut version we’re looking at here, more than likely a port of the PC version. Judging by the borders it appears this port hasn’t received a wide-screen upgrade.

For all you Achievement/Gamer score hunters SEGAOnline have also written up what the game’s Achievements are. Check out the list below –


Miles “Tails” Power:
Become friends with Tails.

Knuckles the Echidna:
Become friends with Knuckles.

Amy Rose:
Become friends with Amy.

E-102 “y”:
Become friends with E-102.

Big the Cat:
Become friends with Big.

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Clear the Sonic story.

Super Sonic:
Clear all character stories.

The Fastest & Stongest:
Get Level A on all the Action Stages.

Sub Game Master:
Get all Emblems of the Sub Game.

Chao’s Best Friend:
Get all Emblems of the Chao Race.

The Adventurer:
Get all Emblems in the Adventure Field.

The Perfect Adventurer:
Get all 130 Emblems.

Screenshots :

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  1. I personally think it’s awesome they’re bringing this game over to the DC, as a lot of young’ns out there won’t have owned a Dreamcast, and won’t have played this title. For those of us who’s dreamcasts have long since perished, this will be a nice little trip back down memory lane and another excuse to play this awesome title once more – especially those of us who are achievement whores.
    It will be a real shame if they don’t iron out the problems with DX or give us a widescreen version, and they’ll no doubt want full-whack 1200 points for it…maybe more.
    Still, quite looking forward to A-Ranking everything. Again.

  2. @T-Bird Well… It’s a shame. From the info on NeoGAF, this seems to be a very shoddy and crappy port.

  3. While it’s cool that SA1 is getting an XBLA release, it is a bummer there’s no widescreen for it. It’s also a bummer it’s the DX version and not the DC version. It would of been awesome for the DC original to get an upgrade (including widescreen) in the same manner that Rare did for Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie on XBLA. Oh well, I’ll still play this, though.

  4. omg my motto on Xbox live has come true (SA1 For XBLA) iv had that up for a good 2 year now that motto as well sega must off seen it xD ^_____^ im very happy to see one of my fav 3D Sonic games come to 360^_________^ just hope it runs smooth and no slowdowns in levels and cutscenes

  5. Seeegaaaaa.
    Ever since that leak a while ago you’ve been very anti-sony pro-microsoft =P
    Making me a sad panda.

  6. @Brocky_Christ
    Yeah, Sony’s console’s do need some more Sonic love. Hopefully the stuff in that Sony-SEGA document leak comes true.

  7. i hope they put it into HD. and something to compare with friends over xbox live, from how fast u can beat a stage, or online chao races (WOULD B EPIC!!!)

  8. They decided to go with the Directors cut… that’s too bad 🙁
    Aw well, still a fantastic game

  9. I guess I’m the only person here with a working Dreamcast and a working copy of SA1 and SA2?

    It nice for young fans but for the classic fans like me I don’t see the point. Nothing better then the real version.

  10. I hope they bring Sonic Shuffle in too, I’ve been dying to play that game for 5 years since my dreamcast broke.

  11. @SERI0U5

    Not exactly. Which is why I’m glad I spend the money to get it back and the 50$ to get both SA games. Now would I spend 50$ on something could get for free…well thas a whole nother story.

    At first, I was slightly intrigued, because I swore SEGA mostly worked off a deal with Sony for the PSN Store to get exclusivity and this was mostly a rumor. But as evidence to contrary showed up, I realized: This is SEGA, or rather Sonic Team… the current and often revolving incarnation of Sonic Team. The Sonic Team that has not been up o the task of making a good Sonic game since SA2 nor succesfully being to port even a Genesis game. Those Sonic 1-3 ports from the myriad of collection are either done by SEGA themselves or a third-party. So I knew immedietly they where going to use the DX version, because why would they dust off the superior version from SEGA’s “final shame” and confuse people as to how ST could have “dropped the ball”? Probably cause the original SA was the last hurrah of the original Sonic Team, and SADX was made by the current ones, mostly made from those usurpers from San Fran, who’s only success was SA2 (if you want to call that a success). SA2:Battle will come out soon 😛

  12. @ SERI0US

    I have the originals but unfortunately my Dreamcast decided to kick it back in 06.. I just bought Shenmue 2 also.. not to mention a bunch of japanese exclusives…
    Work damn you! *Kicks it*

  13. Great. No HD, widescreen presentation, and it’s based off of DX. I suppose there IS still a possibility of this actually being worth getting… but it probably won’t be. Way to drop the ball (again), Sonic Team.

  14. Online Chao Gardens! Plz!!!!!!!!!! Online Leader Boards maybe? But mostly Online Chao Gardens pretty Plz!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @seri0us

    I have SA1 and 2 for the dreamcast and gamecube, and im looking forward to getting them on the 360 now 😀

  16. Ugh, I just remember how awful the Chao Gardens were in the Gamecube games. I hope this is some sort of hybridization. I wouldn’t mind how half-assed this whole thing is if the Chao Gardens and the Chao AI and stats were based off of the DC originals. I hope Chao Adventure makes an appearance as well.

  17. we’re all forgetting something really important about this game..



    HOO HAHAHA *flails arms around wildly*

  18. @SuperSonic92
    Most of them are, but in the other Sonic XBLA games you can get all of them in one sitting, while getting the Prefect Adventurer Achievement is going to take a while.

  19. …………sometimes I do surprise myself, when I think Sega may go the extra mile to improve/fix something that really should have happened years ago……then I have to remind myself………’s Sega.

    ’nuff said.

  20. Still have the DC and GC versions, so if this adds hardly anything, no thanks.

    Now, give the poor 360 owners Adventure 2 please!

  21. Why the DX version? Unless there is some frame rate fixes (which Sega won’t make) then people may as well buy a Dreamcast and a copy of Sonic Adventure.

  22. How are they going to do the Chao raising? Without a VMU or a GameBoy Advance to transfer it to, it will take forever to raise a Chao. Especially from having to shake all the fruit off those trees every time.

  23. “Miles “Tails” Power:
    Become friends with Tails.”

    Power. Power? POWER. Reeeeally? *Headdesks*

    Okay, just a typo, but I’ve already seen “Prowler” TWICE today. It’s not a hard name to spell, people!

  24. Sonic adventure on XBox Live!? Now I really gotta figure out how to set up my internet! Dang you WEP!!*shakes fists*

  25. Wow, my memories were shattered a little now. This game looks like Mario 64! When I played it some years ago it looked so good. Still, it’s a great game!

  26. It makes sense to put the DX version because of its graphics and content. The only question I can think of is will it implement the online part which was in the Dreamcast version. I have no doubt there will leaderboards and some alternative way to raise Chaos. Plus, if it does have all of DX’s content like Metal Sonic, Mission Mode and The unlockable twelve Sega Game Gear games would be great! Besides, the Sonic XBLA games didn’t have widescreen at all. I hope they allow to be able replay the story instead of just only the last story.

  27. @flyboy

    good eye.
    I hope that it doesn’t show that way in the game and is purely a typo from wherever that list came from.

  28. whats with all the GC Version hate?? is it has to do with some thing With PSN and XBLAs Fan boys picking some thing other than the Nintendo systems because of their jelouasy?

  29. @wha

    What on Earth are you trying to say? Have you considered that we don’t know exactly what’s on your mind, and that you have to articulate what you’re thinking in such a way that we can understand it? Unintelligible ramblings don’t help your cause.

  30. @ Brianzilla2004:
    he’s asking why we hate the gc version of sonic adventure.
    here is the answer:
    -more glitches
    -less frame rate (the game is too slow for sonic
    -and some other more opinion based things like controls

  31. @Eggman123

    Basically stuff that hardly anyone who played the games even noticed aside from “hardcore” people with rage at even the smallest detail. XD

  32. @Kusanagi

    Actually, it’s stuff that MOST people seemed to notice. Regardless of whether or no the graphics looked better, DX’s visual “enhancements” were a poor attempt to make the game look better, the frame rate stuttered like crazy, Sonic falls through the floor A LOT more (coincidentally, one of the screens released for the XBLA port showed Sonic in an area of Windy Valley that I JUST ran through a solid wall and plunged to my death at. I can even highlight on the picture where I was unfairly killed), the Chao Gardens are needlessly scaled down, the Chao mini game totally sucks, the Chao stats are a wonky mess, and without the ability to take Chao from DX to SA2B, you can’t even see the Chao Doctor and see their ranks for each attribute.

    DX did a lot of stuff right, but it did more stuff wrong. Of course, I wouldn’t mind that this was a port of DX if it were at least in HD. It would’ve been a truly effortless conversion, and Sonic Team was too lazy to even bother with that. If the “Extend Package” is just some of the extra features from DX (Metal Sonic, Game Gear games), then there’s even LESS reason to be interested in this XBLA release, which is shaping up to be the greatest offense Sonic Team has ever fired our way.

  33. …Someone sounds like they’re just a lil too butthurt to me. It’s not nearly that big of a deal. -.o

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