Needlemouse: Day 5 Prediction

Needlemouse: Day 5 Prediction

SEGA can’t pull a fast one on me!  I see where they’re going with this project.  My FINAL prediction is…

So, that ends “Needlemouse Week” here at TSS.  Thank you to you readers as well for sitting through our week of fake reveals.  I hope that you enjoyed them.   It looks like my initial prediction was correct.  Let’s celebrate my completely insignificant and easily guessable achievement!  PARTY.


Thanks to ila of SFGHQ for keeping the Evil spirit alive.  Don’t know Evil?  You need to watch more old school Sonic Show (27:50 mark).

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  1. wow to the episode…
    I’m happy we’re 2 years later and a have true classic coming.
    and i died twice because of laughter, it really was a horrifying e-mail.

  2. @Hawkz and Indigo Dude
    Over at SFGHQ i’m sort of unofficially adopted Evil the Hedgehog. I’ve made 2 parody games featuring him. One really bad, and one not quite as bad. They were both entries for Brad’s RAGE contest. I’ll try to find some links if you want a good laugh.

  3. Evil the Hedgehog looks awesome. He reminds me of Big Boss from Metal Gear 2.

    Now that that’s over with, I really hope this game doesn’t suck. It’d be great to be legitimately excited for a good Sonic game, but any hyping now is just the beginning of the Sonic Cycle.

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