Needlemouse challenge brings out the funnier side of the Sonic community

Needlemouse challenge brings out the funnier side of the Sonic community

Well, this is my first community post. And what better way to commemorate this occasion then to show you a fun little piece of fan work I found on a great little Sega site I like to visit, Sega Shiro. For any SEGA fan who’s tired of the Kartel nonsense over at Sega Nerds, this site offers a nice replacement! Anyway, here it is:

Fan favorite Shadow teams up with the classic gaming duo of Big and Froggy in the name of great justice!

Let us know what you guys think of it in the comments section below. From what I’ve been told this image has been getting everywhere on the internet, but SegaShiro’s source for it is a German Sega Site, SEGAPortal.



    Stunning graphics
    Amazing hardcore gun-toting fishing gameplay spanning a huge overworld
    40 hour story mode with 3 multiple endings
    16 player multiplayer (best mode is the frog angstmatch)

    An amazing game that even the non-Sonic fans needs to pick up. GOTY 2010.

  2. If this game is for players 18 and older, shouldn’t it be rated AO?

    And why is there a “The Price Is Right” logo in the background?

    Congratulations on your first post, nuckles87!

  3. Its the third level of the game, where you have to shoot the frogs in their groins so they can’t reproduce. Its all to control the pet population you see.

    I would know, I just gave this game a 9/10.

  4. Roar down the highway on your motorbike jumping as it hits a wall and explodes then landing right next to a pond where you fish for the next two hours.

  5. The 3 most unlikely characters teaming up… well, I guess if you can’t catch fish with a rod, you can always shoot the water.
    *Shrugs* It might work? Depends on the story.

  6. Hell, I’d buy this for the novelty alone. With a name like that, you KNOW it’s a collector’s item.

    Also, you can’t do much better that hedgehogs touting guns on a motorcycle while a really big lolcat fishes with a frog.

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