First ASR Review In Friday’s ONM?

First ASR Review In Friday’s ONM?

Official Nintendo Magazine UK have posted up a preview of Friday’s new issue and Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing will be starring on the cover suggesting they may have the world’s first review contained within it’s pages. ONM usually are the one’s to get the first review of a Sonic game so it’s very likely. We’ll pick up a copy and let you know what they think of the game.


  1. hell they said SBK would be awesome i totally ignore EVERY review of any game from now on and I wait for the demo.

  2. Oh no! *chews fingernails like a typewriter*

    I think its come down to developers being more concerned about reviews than the consumer, this generation buys games regardless of scores, which is fantastic! It’s really up to the individual if they like a game or not, everyones tastes are different.

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  3. Yeah but it would certainly help sales if a major publication said your game was good. Good publicity definately helps sales. Can’t think of many million selling games that were destroyed by the critics.

  4. I’m guessing that they’ll be paid by Nintendo to bash ASR in every way possible; it is, after all, a rival to Mario Kart Wii…

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