“Even More” Needlemouse Concept Art

“Even More” Needlemouse Concept Art

Slicer was pretty cool in the “Needlemouse concept art” style.  Here’s some more from Trakker:

Visit Trakker’s DeviantArt profile.

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  1. Egg Robo looks great. Sure hope he’s really in needle mouse.

    When I hear the word badnik I think of Scratch and Grounder.

  2. When I was a kid I called all robots ‘badniks’. Took a while for me to realise I was in the wrong. I always think of Sonic 1 badniks; Motobug, etc etc

  3. @sonicguru:

    “is it me or is project needlemouse starting to look like a hd remake of sonic 1, 2 and 3&K. btw the eggrobo looks cool.”

    You know these arts are fan-made right?

    Anyways I particurally love the egg-robo, he looks happy 😀

  4. Oh heck yes EggRobo. <3 This game could be good yet!

    Oh wait, never mind. It's Sonic and probably not going to be on the Wii. It's doomed to fail, even if it is good… :/

  5. EggRobo has gotta be the coolest Eggman-styled badnik ever conceived. Miles better than the Egg Pawns or the robots in Unleashed. Just look at those sweet gloves, the metallic detail on the limbs, and the bitchin’ jetpack. Holy shit, that’s awesome.

  6. Awesome artwork!!! Eggrobo rocks. Too bad this isn’t official artwork, I’d love to see this in the game.

    Hope SEGA Puts Needlemouse on Wii or WSC, It’s the only console I own.

    -Prays- Please put it on Wii, SEGA, Please, please, please, please….

  7. Funny how alot of people are commenting as if they believe these are SEGA/Sonic Team made lol! These are fan made, ya wally’s. :p

  8. When I hear “badnik” I think of Coconuts or that one similar monkey from Sonic 3. Man, this artwork is so awesome. Trakker is an excellent artist.

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