Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up, the Sequel

Easily the Best Sonic Music Mash-Up, the Sequel


He did it once, now he’s gone and done it again.  Sonic Retro member n00neimp0rtant assembles 10-minutes of music from just about every Sonic game.  Is it as awesome as the first one?  Uh… yes.

Listen to it, knuckleheads.

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  1. Unfortunately, the YouTube version has been sped up slightly to fit inside the 10-minute limit…

  2. I love the section where Mazuri ends and wave ocean comes into play =D scrap that, the whole thing is just awesome =D
    excellent work indeed

  3. @ At people complaining about no music tags in SB2

    I think he is going to put music tags just not yet like Sonic blast.

  4. As great as this is, it isn’t quite as memorable as the original.

    (Where are those song tags?)

  5. I like the classic style, but I prefer the first one. Maybe it’s just the speed up, but it sounds a bit more… choppy.

  6. Tags are supposed to be up soon, so he says and if you download it from the link he provides, you get the fully fleshed out, normal speed version. Either way, I do like it, but I liked the first BETTER, cause he used a lot more recognizable old school mixed in with the new, which made it awesome…which this still is after all

  7. while I liked the first one better, this is so “dark” it’s AWESOME FTW- wait, now I like it EVEN more ^^

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