De-confirmed: No Custom Vehicles Option In ASR

De-confirmed: No Custom Vehicles Option In ASR

We’ve just gotten word from Steve Lycett under his S0L tag that the staff behind the ASR Facebook page have got the wrong end of the stick, there is in in fact no custom vehicle option in the game.

That Custom Vehicle comment is a cock-up by whoever does the Facebook page, I can absolutely confirm that the game doesn’t support that feature, you’ll be seeing that vanish shortly. I’ll let AAUK double confirm this.

Beleive me, it would be a cool feature, but it’d take us another two years to add it!



SEGA have revealed via the Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Facebook page that players will be able to make their own custom vehicles in the game but no details are revealed as to what extent you can customize or whether the feature is available on all five platforms.

We’ll update you when more information is made available.

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  1. Choose an existing vehicle.. I’m going to pick Shadows Chopper.
    Choose an existing colour scheme .. I’m going to go for Sonics blue from his car
    Choose an existing weapon part … I’ll attach Eggmans gatling gun.

    Finish customization and save game? [YES] [NO]

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  2. ^Or:

    Attack : 10
    Defense : 10
    Speed : 15 +1
    Acceleration : 8
    Drift : 30 +1
    Others : 2

    Points left: 1


  3. I feel like I am going to put Shadow in a pink golf cart with frilly lace as a cover top. Decorated with purple kittens batting around a rainbow ball of yarn. It shall not exceed speeds over 20 MPH without the battery dying down.

    That his murder accomplice vehicle.

    Also, the tire treads will have hearts.

  4. This could be potentially MarioKart Killing.
    Nintendo didn’t need to put anything on MarioKart untill now because it was the only recognised game of its class.
    But now Sumo Digital/SEGA have put a killer app in ASR.
    Vehicle customising.
    I hope this means actually being able to make a car from scratch using pre-determined parts from all the players, and not just changing shadows chopper from black/red to pink/purple…

  5. well this is certainly great imagine when you play online…
    i’m so putting big in eggman’s monstertruck!
    well done sumo

  6. I’m making a rocket ship! Then we can take to the sky!

    Warning: Rocket ship will not actually take to the sky.

  7. On The SEGA Forums I found out it was fake… It was FUCKING FAKE for FUCK sake And I wished it was not FUCKING FAKE

  8. makes sense that this is fake, as they previously stated in the past that no character can change car.

  9. So unfortunate.. 2 screw ups in 2 days… what a shame.. this game started to sound good.. but no one knows whats going on.. Can we trust people like that?

    *Every time Sumo or Sega screw up Sonic Sega Racing info, another 10 copies of Mario Kart Wii fly off store shelves :(*

  10. Oh fuck you, SEGA, for getting my hopes up yet again.

    Still, the game’ll probably still be a barrel of laughs regardless.

  11. Steve’s just FULL of good news, isn’t he?

    “The game gonna be awesome?”
    “No, just average.”

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