Chris Senn Puts an End to “Project S”

Chris Senn, one of the original members of the Sonic X-treme team, has cancelled “Project S,” a community created version of the cancelled Sega Saturn title. Senn has released a statement on his forum regarding the cessation of “Project S:”

Now the saga of Sonic X-treme arrives at a new crossroad.  As of January 12, 2010, it is with a heavy heart I announce that Project-S is officially canceled.

Many people worked very hard throughout the project’s three year and three month life cycle.  Making any product is extremely difficult, and Project-S was no exception.  Working for free and online with a wide range of experience, skillsets, availability, and dedication just didn’t work out for the team responsible for Project-S.  The hope is that the successes the team earned along the way are complimented by lessons learned that, unfortunately, led to our collective inability to reach a public release.

We appreciate how patient our fans have been, and how much they have supported our efforts.  Although we can’t provide you with a playable game, we would like to see how much interest there is in the materials we did create.  If you would like, please vote for what you would most like shared from Project-S.  Click here to vote.

Thanks for your support.  Though this has been hard for all of us, we are thankful for what we learned and the new friendships we’ve made.

Let’s welcome a new decade full of possibilities, and take positivity from this experience to become happier, more successful people!

On behalf of the Project-S team,
-Christian G. Senn
(aka “kurisu”)
Project-S General Manager Administrator

Followers of the project can vote on what the would like to see released to the public.  Since there has been no media whatsoever in the three years that “Project S” has been in development, it will be interesting to finally see what the team had come up with.  The forum has been littered with fans asking for “progress” for years, so those folks will finally get some answers.

Source: Senntient forums

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  1. Just show the lot, don’t let all that hard work go to waste. People worked hard on it (I think), at least give them the credit of showing it all.

  2. “Chris Senn, one of the original members of the Sonic X-treme team, has cancelled “Project S,” a community created version of the cancelled Sega Saturn title.”

    Read, Kits.

  3. I think its quite a shame. I never expected the game to actually be released or anything, but to finally give up on it is quite sad.

  4. Lets see.. .blah blah blah.. fan project… blah blah blah canceled…

    So what else is new with fan projects? If Sega wanted it made, they would’ve done it themselves.

    A minutes silence for the dearly departed X-Treme… again

  5. Sad, would’ve been nice to see the finished product. But oh well, they worked hard none-the-less.

    @ Jix
    Show a little respect at very least? They worked hard for 3 years on a game that many have wanted to see finished, and you don’t seem to care at all. And Chris Senn was on the original Sonic X-Treme team if memory serves, so if anyone could make the game, it was him, but now he’s stopped the project. Care a little at least.

  6. I guess sonic x-treme was never meant to be… It only took like 10 years to figure it out! I would have loved to play the game it looks mysterious dark and fun. too bad..

  7. @ Goomba

    Nobody asked them to waste 3 years on a project they knew they were never going to finish.
    Even if they had, it wouldn’t have amounted to squat because it wasn’t official.
    Meanwhile I’m being asked for a little respect while Steve Lycett who was kind enough to share updates with everyone and even occasionally post here just got his arse handed to him.

  8. You’re a bit of a tosser aren’t you Jix?

    It would have amounted to nothing? What about the satisfaction of completing a game that destroyed your development studio first time around? What about the pleasure of making a whole heap of Sonic fans who wanted to play Xtreme but never got to really, REALLY happy?

    Sort yourself out mate. And stop using a signature in the comments box. Signatures are for forums idiot. They take up too much space on news features.

  9. @ yoda

    – Yes

    – If we could all go back and correct our mistakes, that would be great, but we learn from them and move on. Who knows how close the game would’ve been to the original.

    – Advice taken aboard. Your last 3 sentences take up as much space as my signature.. you hypocrite 😛

    100% chance sonicyoda won’t like this.

  10. I read a feature about Project S in an issue of Retro Gamer; from the few screenshots and polygon models that I saw, I was highly impressed. Alas, it seems that all good things in gaming come to pass…

    Although, one is left to wonder whether Chris and his team will release the source codes for the game; maybe someone will eventually finish it.

  11. Jix, you have always been a huge dick. I’m growing tired of it. Your obnoxious signatures and attitude towards other commenters is Tristan-esque.

    Be ready to lose commenting privileges the next time you decide to get on a high horse.

  12. You know what, I’ve sat down and thought about it and you’re absolutely right.
    There’s no need for the things I have to say and I’m sorry.
    I don’t think I’ve ever insulted another member thou… not in the last 3 years anyway.. and this doesn’t mean I won’t disagree with people every now and then.
    Thanks for the reality check.

  13. Easy there, Brad. You haven’t always been the most charitable towards people you disagree with, either. (Just reread some of your old “The Crossfire” posts, or heck, your latest comment).

    I wanted to write a similarly harsh comment over your article on rail grinding (more than a year ago, I think) because of the condescending attitude you displayed towards those on the other side of the issue, but decided it wasn’t worth it and got over it. Glass houses, man.

    Although I DO agree that signatures don’t belong in a comment box. Too easy to mistake them as being part of the comment. And I never completely understood the one about Sonic Adventure 2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. o_O

  14. As someone who was involved in the very early stages of Project-S (but unfortunately had to leave before the start of the main project itself due to work commitments) this is a massive, MASSIVE shame.
    It appears I’m coming in very, very late here but it needs saying nevertheless.

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