Capcom Takes A Dig At SEGA’s M&S Marketing

Capcom Takes A Dig At SEGA’s M&S Marketing

Capcom are causing all sorts of a ruckus in the gaming media. First they complain about poor sales for Resident Evil Darkside Chronicle and say,

“The Wii console is very much a family commitment [and] rates relatively low. So for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.”

then they quickly correct themselves with the below statement.

“Further to comments made in a recent article on French website Gamekult, Capcom would like to confirm its commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software.”

NOW it seems Capcom are a little jealous of SEGA’s Wii success from their Mario & Sonic marketing strategy with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

“In 2010, you won’t see as many Wii games from Capcom, but the ones we release will be much larger, event-size games. I also expect to see the market dominated more and more by Nintendo releases with fewer games from the major third parties, like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. Instead, it’s a case of the third-party publishers trying to figure out how they can make a return on their investment and maintain profitability. (said in a joking manner) Maybe the secret is for all of us just to adopt a Sega model — and just stick Mario into every game we make.” – Chris Kramer, Capcom senior director of communications and community

Very sly stab there, one has to wonder what SEGA would say if they were to react.

Source: Gamasutra via GoNintendo

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  1. It’s an interesting comment, considering SEGA have stuck Mario in two games that they have made.

    Four if you count the console variations, but still.

  2. somehow i think capcom is right, slap mario’s face on the cover
    and WOOOOSH 1000000 sold units in the first week.
    well but good news for ps3 owners like me.

  3. The Capcom US guys are really funny, Capcom’s gotta be the best company when it comes to Fan Service and good jokes in games because they really know how to turn an o.k. game to a great one just with a little in-joke. For example, Dark Void Zero came out of an April fool’s joke they did last year where they made a bunch of phoney 8-Bit Dark Void pics and claimed they scrapped the normal game and made an entirely new 8-bit styled game in the same vein as Mega Man 9
    And then Mega Man 9 had a funny Street Fighter the Movie reference when they show the news report and Chun Li is the reporter. Little things like that can turn an ok game to a pretty good one, even though Mega Man 9 ruled anyways

  4. @Kits’Okami

    Capcom do make games worth playing! Resi series, Devil May Cry, Okami and don’t forget that the recent Bayonetta was made by ex-Capcom staff. Though it is true that the Resi games for the Wii haven’t been as great as some of their other games they are still fun to play.

    Let’s face it if you own a Wii you either –

    a) Are a casual gamer and buy brain training, Wii Fit etc and thus won’t buy hardcore games.

    b) Are a hardcore gamer but realise the only outstanding games are first party Nintendo titles.

    c) Never use your Wii.

    Thus Capcom will make little sales profit from the Wii. It’s a situation many third party developers are facing on the console; the hardware sells but their software won’t.

  5. Serves you right Capcom! Shouldn’t have bailed out on the exclusive rights deal to Resident Evil with Nintendo!
    They’re right about the companies who supported the Wii thou, it was extremely hard to get companies on board after the Gamecube and if things don’t improve, Nintendo won’t have many 3rd parties aboard for their next console.

    Just for your comments about Sega, I have decided to forgo my purchase of Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Ciao!

    Steve Lycett just de-confirmed my post.

  6. Hmm.. I use my wii some tims but i also have 360, ps2, DS, Dreamcast, N64 and i still have my gamecube^^ So i some tims dont now what i whant to play on^^’

  7. Do you want some cheese to go with your whine, Capcom? Mario has only been in two Sega titles, and Sonic has also been in a Nintendo title. So its just about even.

  8. Capcom can’t insult Sega, because Capcom’s publishing Sonic Spinball for Wii (and if you believe that, i have a bridge to sell you).

  9. @ProjectZuel: Out of all those games you mentioned, only one was worth playing. And it was amazing, I will admit. But to my knowledge, Capcom only published it.

    Dunno what’s with all the Wii hate.

  10. Wii is the best! Mario & Sonic Winter Games it’s fun. Megaman is dead… CAPCOM don’t have new ideas for Megaman.

  11. Uhh…last I checked Megaman was alive and kicking and going strong. Megaman has had solid outings on the DS, has had great successes with Megaman 9 and probably going to with Megaman 10. Sure the games are going to play like Megaman too, but the formula isn’t broken…so why bother trying to screw it up? A game that is fun will continue to be fun. Its not like the Sonic series has had all too many new ideas that are good either though I guess thats a matter of opinion.

  12. Capcom, you’re my bro and all, but if you wanted people to buy Darkside Chronicles, it should’ve been a full-blown new Resident Evil game and not just another shooting gallery. You’re better than this.

  13. I find, that SEGA get to sell a game even if it isn’t all that good, in the eyes of the public.
    Reviewers gave Shadow, mediocre to negative reviews. Yet it still sold out, and was the most selling GameCube game that year.

    Sonic 06 was terribly put together, reveiws showed that. Yet it made it to the 360 platinum hits.

    People really should market like SEGA

  14. Anything you add, Sega ambassador?

    Sega : …… *thinks of a reply.. then stands up*

    ” **** CAPCOM! ):< "

    Capcom : " Hey! **** you buddy! "

    In the time it took me to post this, Capcom released another 3 MegaMan games… hoo-ha.

  15. I can see it coming….Mario shooting zombies in Resident Evil….

    XD If they going to put Mario in every title to Wii!…..eeerrr I hope they don’t just imagine Mario in re!

    But I have to say one thig! re The Darkside Chronicles dosen’t get so good reviws and so on. Mediocre scores. But I ahve to say that the game is awesome! I played it alot with my boyfriend(Werehog on tssznews) And I had so much fun with it! I might even buy it for my Wii! It’s an exelent on-rail shooter! I though it would suck becaus it’s on-rail! But It’s way better than re4 that sucks really hard in my opinion. I would give re:tDC 8.8/10. In other words! BUY IT!
    Sorry, I just ahve to say that, re:tDC is so underrated and re4 is so overrated! I though it would rock! But what a dissapointment…

    But I still don’t like the idea with Mario in every capcom game on Wii! It sucks! Mario can go to hell with his childish galaxies! Don’t get me wrong, a game dosen’t have to be bad cus it’s childish at all. But he will just desrtoy the games in that case IMO!

  16. @ Kits’Okami

    NO!!! Sega were the ones who PUBLISHED Bayonetta; Platinum Games DEVELOPED it which was a studio created by ex-Capcom members.

    Secondly are you saying only Bayonetta was worth playing? That’s ignorance. Okami was a fantastic game (your name…) and Madworld (again Patinum Games) was great fun. Resi 4 was brilliant (Osnic you are sooo wrong) and the Resi Chroncile games though underwhelming in certain aspects are still good fun. Don’t forget Megaman 9 for download as well….

    Oh, did I say that Okami was actually made by Clover Studio, composed from the talented members of Capcom?

  17. @ Osnic:

    “But I still don’t like the idea with Mario in every capcom game on Wii! It sucks! Mario can go to hell with his childish galaxies! Don’t get me wrong, a game dosen’t have to be bad cus it’s childish at all. But he will just desrtoy the games in that case IMO!”

    Isn’t your statement childish in itself?

  18. Oooops what was that all about? How dare you speak about my favourite company like that capcom?
    Let’s see how can you pull it off with MM10. Atleast SEGA pulled it with let’s see…
    Sonic heroes
    Sonic riders 1 & 2
    Sonic 06
    Sonic story book series
    The rivals series
    The rush series
    And the list goes on… And that’s only Sonic franchise which means you be near Sega when it comes to sales and marketing losers

  19. Well capcom dose suck…kinda I guess.I mean they did do a good job on Capcom X Namco. That opening was epic but lately Ive been filling a big fat pift out of them. I guess when Megaman 10 comes out this year it aint goin on the wii xD No seriously if it aint on the wii, Im comin for you capcom >:I I dont play that crap.Ur heads will be mine ^^

    And in other press related news Lunar Sonic rents a bazooka stating if Nights isnt in allstar racing sega will pay.Will he go with his plan.Find out next time. xD

  20. Agree with the wii comment, making an adult-oriented game for wii is basically accepting you’re going to lose money. But with the Sega comment, how did Sega stick Mario in all their games? MadWorld, Sonic Unleashed, Bayonetta etc. Do those games have Mario? He’s been in two? Capcom stick [insert Capcom character here] in all their games!

  21. capcom hasn’t really made any good games since their 2D fighters on the dreamcast. (marvel vs capcom 2 almost as good as smash bros.)

  22. Judging by all the comments here it would appear that Chris Kramer is also known to his friends as ALL OF CAPCOM.

  23. You people are hilarious. sonic fanboys at their best. Know the best game in overall reviews last year? Not the black knight or m&s. It was Street Fighter 4. Oh, I went there.

  24. @lanmanna: And a great game it is. Can’t say anything about the black knight, but Mario and Sonic was a great game and it should have gotten higher priase, but appearently idiots are discriminating against Sonic characters who are in it.

  25. And in actuallality, Uncharted 2 was the best game of the year. By Spike, X-Play, and all the rest.

  26. B E C A R E F U L !

    They want to destruct the good relations between Sega and Nintendo.

    B E C A R E F U L !

  27. I just can’t get over how many butthurt SEGA fans there are over here. I mean, come on – I love SEGA too, but people treat them as if they can do no wrong :P. Capcom is a cool company, and it was most likely intended as a joke anyway.

  28. If Capcom’s going to put anyone in a Wii game, it’s Luigi. Can’t you see him running around, scared shitless in the Spencer Mansion?

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