Buy It, Wear It, Get Beat Up at School

Buy It, Wear It, Get Beat Up at School

From the dark-side comes this adult-sized Sonic costume from UK retailer Marshall Ward.

Nice 5-o’clock shadow, pedomax.  And now for the obligatory running pose…

I issue a challenge to all you impressionable kids out there.  If you buy this costume, make a video.  Then, I will ship you some wedgie-proof underpants and some pads to block pink-bellies:


Or hey… you could wear it to a sporting event.  That seems to be trendy lately.

Buy this shit at Marshall Ward and get internet famous already.

[via UK:R]

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  1. Lol @ your mouse cursor in the first pic Brad

    In responce to the video, SHOOT IT BEFORE IT KILLS SOMEONE!!

  2. Okay I am officially freaked out, I have seen Sonic at all kind of sporting events just lately ranging from darts to wrestling. Is there a virus going who knows but I wouldn’t like to have it myself if i end up like the dude in the video lol.

    But it is kinda funny to watch XD

  3. I kinda like it… should I feel bad? o_O

    It’s certainly one of the better Sonic costumes I’ve seen, though I guess that’s not saying much.

  4. You would never see me in that…
    *six years ago*
    Mommy, Mommy Im sonic,wheeee….
    Like I said never see me in that
    *2 years later*
    Me: Dude this is a rocken party.
    Friend: Dude what are you
    Me:Im sonic the hedgehog.RESPECT THE SPEED ;P

  5. :< a little of me died on the inside seeing the kid's (dressed as sonic) horrid dance moves. to the "they call me sonic" no less! D: oh god. why?

  6. Aww leave the poor model and his 5’oclock shadow alone…

    His probably struggling paying the rent hence why he’s wearing this abortion of a costume XDD

  7. Lol, I think we are looking at the down syndrome Sonic costume here, not the regular Sonic costume.

    That man might get arrested if he tries doing spindash in public with that thing, D;. Not sure if the authorities would get it, XD.


  8. I made my own Sonic costume one Halloween out of peach carpet samples, construction paper, and a mohawk spray-painted blue and it looked better than this.

  9. The sonic costume the person was wearing at luna park was really good i got a pic of *her* that’s right it was a girl in the costume

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