SEGA Starts Needlemouse Community Challenge #2

SEGA Starts Needlemouse Community Challenge #2

Yes, this concept art above is official and will be a badnik in the final game.

Remember that concept art made by Trakker last week?  Well, it has caught SEGA’s attention.  If we want more information about Project Needlemouse, we have to follow his footsteps.  SEGA is asking for 100 pieces of concept art to unveil more concept art, a zone name, and a double-super-secret bonus surprise.

Here’s what SEGA says on their blog:

So, the folks here at SEGA have only one word to comment on the fake concept art above:


In fact, we’d like to see even more of it. So here’s the challenge: we want you guys to create your own concept art based on your favorite Badniks from the original Sonic games. It can be any Badnik from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, or any other Sonic games of that era. Pick your favorite(s), draw them up concept art style, and send it our way! (Japanese not required!)

The Challenge: Submit over 100 (total) pieces of Concept Art of your favorite oldschool Badniks to SEGA! Show us which enemies you want to see in Project Needlemouse!

The Reward: If the challenge is met, next week we’ll reveal:

  • Project Needlemouse’s Actual Name
  • Concept Art from the first Zone
  • A very cool extra bonus…

What to use: Alright! Now that we have your attention, on to the specifics. You can create the concept art in Photoshop, on paper, in Microsoft Paint, via crayon, or using pretty much any worthwhile medium that gets the point across. (Create it from something notably awesome – like, say, Oreos – and you will get a bonus spotlight!) The limit is one piece of concept art per person.

Submitting your concept art: Next, send it our way! You’ve got a few options here, so just pick the one that’s easiest for you.

1. Post it here in a comment! Host it on an external site like, and then comment here on the Blog with a link to your art.

2. E-mail us! If you’re a little shy about showing off your work to the world, you can also send it to us via e-mail: !

3. PM us! If you’ve got a Forum or SEGA Pass account, you can send a private message to RubyEclipse on the SEGA forums with your art. If you already have a forum account, you’re all set!

If you guys can send in a cumulative total of over 100 pieces of concept art by Monday morning at 10:00 AM, you’re in for a very special treat in the days following. This will be our final community challenge for Project Needlemouse – and it will also be one of the last times we refer to the game by its code name. If you thought the first concept art was cool, then trust us – things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. We will also be updating throughout the week and weekend to let you know how close you are!

Go go go go go go… draw and stuff, damnit.

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  1. Eurgh…..recycling old enemies?

    I’m as much of a fan of the classics as the next guy, but this isn’t what I wanted to see. This has been done. How about new models? Not copies.

  2. I love to draw! I’ll see what I can do in my spare time =D!! Maybe this weekend I’ll crank out a few. I’m up for doing more than one as well.

    I definitely won’t have time for 100 of ’em though haha!

  3. wow this is awesome 🙂 i cant draw very good but i might try and have a ago at this cause i didnt do the first challenge thing but i totally suck at drawing tho xDD

  4. Well shite, its been ages since I’ve seen your name Sir Firestorm. LoM Dyude!

    I urge anyone who says they can’t draw to just do it anyway :P. Its a fun community thing and we get info and stuff!

  5. Well, what else could Sega want? Ask the fanboys to render the badniks used in the game, and save time working on the concept art 😀 What can I do, lemme open up my art tools here…

  6. *waits for a million grounders, coconuts, and the chicken from sky chase.. not that it would be a bad thing*

    if I could, Id draw bat brain orbinaut or maybe the turtles from sky chase. or maybe the scrapped rabbit badnik..

    but my scanner is down.

    I wonder what our bonus will be? Im betting concept art of Sonic himself.. or maybe the first Eggman boss?


    Bad time for making this awesome reveals SEGA 🙁 (I don’t know how to draw and I can’t even try right now)

    I can only just cheer you up guys 🙁

  8. alright, all excitement is back now to learn how to draw.
    ” waits for the freaking last time for Project Needlemouse info

  9. Anyone that draws more than one give them out, since your only allowed 1 per person, we non-artists could say we drew them 😛

  10. hey at the bottom of the article this stands:
    “Speed is something that is not given; but rather earned through dedication. Speed is not found by simply pushing a boost button, but by building momentum. It is the reward for skill in the face of difficult challenges – this kind of speed is the most exhilarating, not only because it is fast, but because of the pure perfection such speed exemplifies. This is the truth of the original Sonic games – and this is the truth of Project Needlemouse.”
    thank you sega….thank you

  11. Someone draw a BuzzBomber! … cus I have zero talent and haven’t picked up a drawing utensil in years

  12. Truely amazing Eggman. It is good SEGA has finally figured it out. I hope there isnt a maximum number of art sent by one person.

  13. ALSO just a reminder, you don’t have to be able to draw well, just submit a really shitty drawing in MS paint, they never said what the standards were. So get out there and start submitting some work!

  14. Wow, Sega is giving us a run for our money. I just want this to pay off in the end. I’ll give it a shot.

  15. @NightlyPeace: I’m afraid it’s only 1 drawing per person. 🙁

    Still, I’m sure we’ve got at least 50 already. 😀

  16. Okay- let’s do it. It doesn’t even matter if you suck- as long as you have paper, a pencil, and a scanner or camera, let’s DO THIS.

  17. OH MY OH MY OH MY! Now I got really excited! Since when is SEGA so nice to us? First, they say they’re pulling out a New Super Mario Bros, then they give us these treats while we wait for the game. In Sonic 2006’s anticipation days, we only got screenshots, artworks, trailers and musics. And the game was in a format we already knew SEGA would use, the Adventure style. Now this, this is how we wanted SEGA to treat us.
    Let’s just hope the game to be good.
    I can’t wait to know the final name and see more concept art. 😀


    This better not be lame like LAST time, SEGA. ⌐_⌐

    Sadly, I can’t draw, but I’m sure the sonic fanbase can more then make up for me.

  19. So going to get on and do this now =D
    Great concept art, it seems they’re going to be using a range of various enemies, perhaps a redesign of one badnik from every game?

  20. I laugh at those who say they can’t draw. Who cares? SEGA could care less. As long you are actually doing SOMETHING is what’s important. If everyone did the same thing, we wouldn’t have the 100 entries. >_>

  21. As much as I love to draw I don’t really have enough time to do this.

    Please Sega stop teasing us and release some actual footage from this bloody game.

  22. I swear to god… if this game turns out to be just some kinda remake of sonic 2 I will fucking kill everything…. yes everything.

  23. Well sega. You did it… Look at how nice everyones being look at how cooperative the fanbase is being… Finally

    time to draw my favorite badnik

    the bomb from starlight zone

  24. I can’t wait for Sonicstadium to change the name under “incoming titles” from Project Needlemouse to “Sonic the Hedgehog 4” I really have high hopes for it.

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