ASR Wii Wheel Bundle Cost’s £5 More Than Solo Edition

ASR Wii Wheel Bundle Cost’s £5 More Than Solo Edition

UK retailers are listing 2 edition’s of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, the Wii Wheel bundle and a solo version without the wheel. It appears the Wheel won’t be a freebie as the Wii Wheel bundle is listed at GAME for example at £34.99 and the solo version at £29.99 making the bundle £5 dearer. The bundle packaging doesn’t say it’s free and I don’t believe SEGA ever said it would be free so no-one can complain.

Gamestation are listing both the Wii Wheel bundle and the solo edition at £29.99. are being very generous and listing both versions at the same price of £27.99 –
Wii Wheel Bundle


Retailers selling the Wii Wheel bundle version at £5 more:




WH Smith

Chips World


  1. Doesn’t make any difference to me, really. I’ve seen other bundles for the Wii around town that cost more, including Mario Kart (with the Wii Wheel) and Wii Play (extra Wii Remote) for £35 each, so this will actually be much cheaper than them, with or without the new wheel 🙂

  2. @ Psych
    I agree and u know something.Im going to EB games and Im going throw it in there face. Sonic has a better racing SO SUCK IT, cheap thugs trying to rip me off. $50, ha Id rather go to a prom with eggman xD

  3. It’ll go down in price in about 3 months, just like any other Sega game, just you watch. 😛

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