[UPDATE]ASR: Ryo A DLC Only Character?

[UPDATE]ASR: Ryo A DLC Only Character?

UPDATE: Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital has responded to the issue with the following statement over at the SSMB :

Don’t panic – you don’t have to download Ryo – or do you? Maybe there is more than one Ryo



The above advertising banner for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing has popped up at video game retailer GAME’s Spanish website. The banner translates to say that Ryo Hazuki is a downloadable character pre-order bonus but there is concern that he may only be downloadable on the Xbox 360 version due to the banner only appearing on the Xbox 360 section of the site. The official site of the game also mentioned Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable content when it first launched before the information was pulled.

This is very odd as the trailer that revealed Ryo and every trailer since were multiple format trailers and not once since he was revealed has he been said to be a downloadable character only. If Ryo does turn out to be download only and only downloadable on the Xbox 360 version, many fans will be outraged especially since this is the first game Ryo has been playable in since Shenmue 1 and 2 years ago.

We’ll keep tabs on this situation and let you know more when we get some information.


  1. Not true in the first few Wii screens I saw Ryo infront of Sonic this has to be a mistake or misunderstanding like that Brawl ad with Sonic on it when he wasn`t cofirmed

  2. If this turns out to be true I will so cancel my preorder. Though this brings up the question, as Edwin Shy stated he’s appeared in a few Wii screenshots and videos. I know they might be considering some sort of Pay and Play but I also remember seeing him in a few DS screenshots as well. So, this not only means he’ll appear in other platforms but he’ll unlikely be DLC, as the DS isn’t DLC compatible. The DSI yes but not every one has one and I seriously doubt that they’d make DLC for the DS version just for the DSI owners (though I could be wrong, looks at the planned DLC for PS0).

  3. Im alittle annoyed they cant just give a real answer. Instead they have to be all “ooh will he wont he?”

    Leaving alittle mystery is one thing, but this could effect sales.

  4. I personally think it could be Lan Di,or Ren. But having the ability to use that one version of Ryo that they ditched,the one with Nozomi in the back seat,would be extremely Nostgic and awesome.

  5. I just hope whatever DLC they do ends up multiplatform… there’s no reason for it to not be on the PS3, and I’d definitely appreciate seeing it on the Wii.

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