ASR Preview, Stickers & Poster In New ONM,

ASR Preview, Stickers & Poster In New ONM,

The February issue of Official Nintendo Magazine is out today and in it is a very positive preview of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. Obviously we can’t give you the full preview here or ONM’s legal team will be on our backs, they end with the summary –

It’s Sonic, it’s Ryo from Shenmue, it’s great drifting, it’s loads of ridiculous power-ups, it’s online multiplayer and it’s Billy Hatcher back from the dead. What more do you want?

For the £3.99 asking price it’s a good read and you also get some Official(SEGA Europe labelled) ASR stickers and a 2 page poster with new artwork.

dabbido over at the SSMB has put the 2 poster pieces together so you can see it in full, thanks dabbido! –

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  1. Stickers are a dilemma for me. They look great, they’re stickable and everything, but once you use ’em, that’s it. For collectors, that poses a significant challenge – use them and never see them again after you peel it off, or never use them and resist the urge?

  2. When Nintendo says good things about SEGA that means a happy future between the two…or some sort of cover up story with a secret plot.
    *grabs notepad*Note to self: Keep a close eye on Nintendo xD

  3. sounds cool although i do agree with the sticker thing. they need to make it a plastic cover that just pops on to the wii.

  4. I don’t agree with a lot of things NOM say. Like most official magazines the quality of writing is much weaker than unofficial ones and of course they’re in Nintendo’s wallet.

    Well, if they say ASR is playing well that at least means they enjoyed it; unlike the last All Stars game.

  5. Got the new Nintendo Power in the mail today. Also came with a SASAR Poster and Capcom vs. Tatsunoko Trading card.

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