ASR: New Wii & DS Screenshots and Artwork

ASR: New Wii & DS Screenshots and Artwork have posted up some new screenshots for the Wii & DS versions of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, they’ve also grabbed some new artwork in which we can now see Big’s bike is themed around his best friend Froggy. Check them out below –

Wiiz also have some hi-res versions of the Wii & DS box arts. The Wii box art has been updated with the Wii Wheel logo.

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  1. I can’t understande Why Sonic games on the nintendo wii don’t have graphics as good as the mario games! I own a Xbox360º but I’m sick of seeing all the same things over and over again :S .
    SEGA should join Microsoft or Rare and make the Xbox360º their official console, but still realeasing games for the wii ofcourse but Sonic games and those kind of games hould be exclusive to the Xbox360/Ps3… I can’t understad why still :S

    S&SASR I’ll be the fastest thing alive 🙂 hehe

  2. @SU: One problem, though – A GAME WITH BOTH MARIO AND SONIC WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE. In my opinion, they should just stick to Wii.

  3. @SU

    i agree , seeing that The Wii version of sonic games (except secret rings) uses Large amount of physics aka making things look real instead of making them Cartoonish which is how sonic should be

    Sonic unleashed ps3 used the hedgehog engine (graphic engine btw) which is not a physcics engine
    while wii versoin used a Physics engine making things looks real using the limits of the wii for such a silly thing , that is why nintendo does real time Rendering in mario games they use Cartoonish 3D instead of Silly physics :S

    Imagine mario with physics…

  4. Sega never ceases to amaze me when it comes to character art =)
    And i love Big’s re-design, he actually has legs =D, still looks a tad grumpy though haha

  5. Seems to me that, with every new game, a Sonic character either experiences growth spurt or a stunt growth. Amy’s the latter, in this case.

  6. @SU: No. Sega is fine with being third-party. Joining Microsoft would just ruin the availablity of their games on all consoles. And point blank, Microsoft is ruining Rare. Because of them we lost Grant Kirkhope, David Wise, and a whole lot of other great people cause Microsoft is forcing Rare to drop projects like Conker 2, Kameo 2, PD 2, and Sabreman Stampede just to work on Natal and family friendly games like Viva Pinata.

  7. I can make out Shadow’s symbol on the tank of his bike 🙂
    Why does Amy look like she shrunk slightly?

  8. Okay, I’m stumped; who’s the zombie people? I’ve played my fair share of Sega games, but aside from House of the Dead, I can’t think of any series involving an unusually cute zombie chick (Rule 34 launching missiles in 5, 4, 3….).

    The fact that they are using the more obscure Sega characters does show quite a bit of dedication, though. Still odd that there’s no NiGHTS…

  9. hmm, Shadow’s cuffs are strangely coloured. They are normally gold, here they appear a bit greyish.

  10. wait i totally forgot about big’s new VA.
    he had no real video game appearance since heros.
    wonder how he says froggy? =D

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