27 Tracks In ASR Confirmed In German Ad

27 Tracks In ASR Confirmed In German Ad

We informed you yesterday that Amazon’s German site is listing a 27 track total among other things for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing and now thanks to MarcelloF over at the SSMB we can 100% confirm that total with the above German advertisement.

Also thanks to MarcelloF we have a translation –

The Text says:
-Multiplayer-fun of the finest: Up to 4 players on one console and 8 online!
-20 awesome characters from the SEGA-Universe are at the starting line! (This sounds odd, but I can’t think of a good way to translate it)
-Spectacular All-Star-Moves from the SEGA-Stars und great Extras for more action on the track!
-27 varied Racetracks in famous SEGA-Worlds!
-Supports the Wii-Wheel!

Available 26. February 2010
“When Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is released at the beginning of 2010, we’ll get a nicely made, fun Wii racer” N-ZONE 01/2010

Huge thanks to MarcelloF for the heads up, scan and translation!

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  1. Unfortunately, SaSASR’s seemingly high track number has been eclipsed before birth by Mario Kart DS’s 32 courses…

  2. @Extacticus: About half of those maps on MKDS are reused maps from the old games. At least this game has 27 brand new maps no one has seen yet.

  3. @Setnaro: I’m not slamming Mario here, but I thought it was highly hilarious to play (and enjoy) Mario Kart DS, and then a few months later play the N64 at a friends place to find those exact same tracks I’d blitzed before – sure gave me an edge even though I’d never played before xD
    And technically they’re not new maps, they’re inspired from maps seen before in the SEGA games but yeah I see what you’re getting at ๐Ÿ˜‰
    @Eggman123: Please no – that lvl took me three quarters of an hr to complete first time I played!!

  4. Well, even if the track was a long as some of the fastest speedruns of Eggmanland (7:30 to 8:00 minutes I believe), it’d still be pretty damn long. Would be a pretty awesome track though, so here’s hoping. They could always make it akin to Bower’s Castle from the Mario Kart series. ๐Ÿ˜€

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