What Up With That?: Sonic Classic Collection

What Up With That?: Sonic Classic Collection

Ooooooooooo weeeeeeee… what up with that?

It’s official… Sonic Classic Collection is coming to the Nintendo DS (I’m surprised that SEGA has not run out of names for their Sonic compilations).  The Genesis games have been whored-out onto every console and gadget, including my grandfather’s pacemaker and the Atari 2600.  It was inevitable  that Nintendo’s best-selling handheld would get in on the action.

Today on “What Up With That?,” we’re not going to ask why SEGA keeps repackaging the Genesis Sonic games (because it has been made perfectly clear that they love to make money through exerting minimal effort), but looking at these screenshots that they have put out with their press release.  Questions have been floating around many a Sonic forum over the past day or two, so hit the break to recap all the weirdness:

The screenshots are not DS resolution.  What up with that?

The screens of the Nintendo DS are 256×192.  The screenshots in the press release are 240×168, which is not in the DS’ aspect ratio.  Here’s the real kicker, though… if you search through SEGA’s Flickr account, you’ll find larger versions of the screenshots at a resolution of 500×350.

When scaled back to fit the DS’ screens, the resolution of the larger screens is 256×176, which is 16 pixels short of the DS’ resolution.  Goops.

Sonic and Knuckles battling the Mushroom Hill boss together? Sonic isn’t running during a scrolling boss fight?  What up with that?

The above would never happen in the Genesis games.  If this screenshot is real, Sonic Classic Collection isn’t full of straight ports and adds a feature that allows Sonic and Knuckles to play together.

The image reeks of bullshit, however, because Sonic isn’t running.  Yes, he is behind the tall grass, but how is it possible for him to be standing still as the screen scrolls?  It’s impossible to defeat this boss standing still.  Plus, adding the aforementioned feature would require effort on SEGA’s part.

There’s an HUD and a running clock during the opening cutscene of Sonic 3.  What up with that?

Here’s how it goes: You run in as Super Sonic, Knuckles rocks your shit, takes your shit, and runs off with a stupid grin on his face.  Then, the HUD and “Angel Island: Act 1” flies in.  Tropical music.

In this screenshot, the HUD is present and the time has been running for 6 seconds while Knuckles is looting you.  Goops.

Final Verdict: What up with that?

Sonic fan and game journalism sites found out about this collection through leaks (again) and SEGA hastily put together a press release with some half-assed “screenshots” that Bob from accounting made during his lunch break.

Expect the same quality effort that has been on display over the last few years, as exemplified by Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis on the GBA (they let it go TOO FAR… TOO FAR… TOO FAR) and the lag-tastic iPhone ports of Sonic 1 and Streets of Rage.

Your Opinion: What up with that?

Let us know if you agree/disagree below.  Alternatively, you can post pictures of Down Syndrome Sonic.

EDIT: I HATE WORDPRESS WITH A PASSION.  This article, if you noticed, got put up, blanked, and taken down about ten times.  I’d apologize on WordPress’ behalf if it wasn’t such an ass.

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  1. You just need to be less crap at WordPress, Brad. :3

    It’s probably worth noting that this article is, obviously, a humourous one. Bob from accounting wouldn’t have had the time to have done this, for example. It’s clearly the janitor, Maurice.

    Just a heads up before fanbois start raging on their keyboards, naked in their momma’s basement. Cheers. =D

  2. IIRC wasn’t there a Sonic game for the genesis called “Sonic Classics” which had Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and MBM? and isn’t it a “Collection”? So don’t you think they should take Sonic Classic Collection and re-title it? I think Sonic 1 Genesis for the GBA isn’t that bad. I’ve heard about the some of the glitches and what not, but I don’t think that it a bad game, though I’m expecting Sega to do a little better. Project Needlemouse is still up in the air (or the jury is still out on it (Take you pick)) so I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

  3. Here’s an idea for the next What Up With That? Someone always says ‘waiting for Project Needlemouse info’ in every update on TSS; what up with that?

  4. As much as I love the genesis games, these ports are becoming almost as redundant as Namco Museum.

  5. I tried super hard and you can stand in that boss fight, but only on the far left and only for the 1/20th of a second before you’re slammed into the side of the screen. So yeah, no way you could stand in the middle! D:

  6. in sonic 3 during scrolling bosses 2nd player is able to stop running and the scrolling will cause you to be stopped in the middle and in the screenshot Sonic is the 2nd player.

  7. Probably because their mockups or something really is BAD about thease……….Why port shit over and over again? MAKE SOMETHING NEW SEGA!

  8. When sonic advanced 2 was coming out, they had an odd screenshot of all 4 character together in the first stage. Left many wondering, but in the end it was just a prototype screenshot and the game was the same 1 player fare.


    A classic sonic game with co-op “super mario bros. wii” style gameplay would make the game a MUST BUY instead of just a re-hash. ANY new mode is welcome I’d say.

  9. Heh, it’s a known fact that screenshots for press are taken from games that are currently WIP.

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