Sonic Unleashed Enters The Platinum Hits and Classics Ranges

Sonic Unleashed Enters The Platinum Hits and Classics Ranges

Sonic Unleashed Classics Sonic Unleashed Platinum Hits

It seems Sonic Unleashed has become one of the Xbox 360’s best selling games with the game entering the U.S.’s Platinum Hits range and Europe’s Classics range. With the game hitting this new status the game’s RRP has now dropped to $19.99 in the U.S. and £19.99 in the UK, shop around and you may find it even cheaper.

U.S. Official Xbox site states –
Only the Greatest Games earn the right to be called Platinum. There are lots of games out there, but with Xbox 360 Platinum Hits you can rest assured that you have found one of the best at an amazing price.

EU Official Xbox site states –
Xbox 360 Classics offers great games and great value with Best Sellers such as Grand Theft Auto IV, BioShock and Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition and Family Games such as Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. Prices start from just £14.99.

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  1. It’s been a year, so it sounds about right. I’d be more worried if it was budget without the ‘Classics’ label, would have implied that the game didn’t sell any. So at least there’s that. 🙂

  2. I very much enjoyed this game on Wii. I wouldn’t call it the best 3D title though. I really like Heroes, Secret Rings and Black Knight. But this one is still really great.

  3. Awesome! I bought Unleashed used for $30 about 6 months back. Also got the Platinum release for ’06 for free. I still want to pick up an original ’06 case, as the boring spine of the platinum version annoys me.

  4. “Already, Brad? Been over a year 😉 . Seems about right.”
    Yeah, it’s about right for a mediocre game. Last I checked, new copies of, say, Zelda: Twilight Princess are still $49.99. What was that… like… 3 years ago?

    The “Platnium/Classic/Players Choice” series is always to get rid of a game in which they have a large allotment of, but can’t get off the shelves. SMT Xero hit the nail on the head. You can usually judge a game’s strength by how long it can avoid being labeled as a budget title. The “Platinum” or whatever moniker that they slap on it is to get people to go, “oh hey, I guess this game was good and it’s only $20 now.”

  5. Basically, reviewers hated it, because they played the older and vastly superior 2D (and 3D, I’m not forgetting SA1 ad SA2 fanboys) games.
    The reason it sold enought to get “Platinum Hits”, is because of fans wanting to see what’s what and little children, who don’t give a s*** about Sonic’s history, and just said: ” THAT LOOKS COOL…..I WANT THAT”
    Which as pointed out by SEGA Europe, is SEGA’s new target demographic, unlike Nintendo’s Target market which is EVERYONE (which is what SEGA should have done)…

    Hopefully, though, PNm gets REAL attention, and remains a high price for a couple years…

  6. Well deserved, imo. I love this game.

    I also thought the Werehog made a nice change of pace.

  7. I loved this game from the Wii and PS3 version…

    I’m getting the 360 version for Christmas.

    haha….IGN should feel a little dumb right now… no one cares about their reviews XD

  8. I don’t think Sonic Unleashed deserves to go platinum but there can only be good at picking up a game for a cheaper price so I might be inclined to buy it now (instead of just rending it).

    Btw people who say the Werehog stages are great need their heads examined.

  9. @ProjectZuel: Just because it isn’t what YOU liked, doesn’t make it bad gameplay. No, it wasn’t as fast-paced as the Sonic we’re used to, but that’s the point; to mix it up and try something different. Unfortunately for Sega, who constantly tries to do something new with Sonic, Sonic fans are very stubborn and one-sided with what they want from the games (and I personally don’t think they deserve what they keep crying for).

    I for one loved the PS360 version of Unleashed (I played both that version, and the Wii version, and I think the Wii version is an ugly piece of broken crap which got stuck in the asshole and had to be scooped out) and I think Unleashed for the 360 was a very fun game to play (yes, the whole damn game was fun).

    People need to shut up about Unleashed. If you don’t like it….return it to the store and give the money back to your mom.

  10. “There are lots of games out there, but with Xbox 360 Platinum Hits you can rest assured that you have found one of the best”

    Is it wrong of me to find this a little ironic?

  11. This doesn’t say much for Unleashed considering the abysmal Sonic 06 is a platinum hit too. I like Unleashed more than 06 but I still don’t feel like it was a great Sonic game.

  12. While I would hope it would avoid the budget shelf for awhile, let’s face it. It happened.

    Unleashed was a decent game. Not the Savior people were looking for, and not an abyssmal game.

    Decent, fun, worth the buy. (Especially now…)

    But for people comparing it the Adventure series, play the two next to eachother. Unleashed is faster and better handled in terms of Sonic’s gameplay in my opinion. Not that I don’t like Adventure, I just feel it unfair to say that it is better than Unleashed, when I feel Unleashed improved Sonic. Though no, it did not make up for previous blunders..

  13. I think a lot of you people are grossly misunderstanding the point of the Platinum Hits range.

    It’s got nothing to do with getting rid of poorly-selling games. Platinum Hits are games that sold over 400,000 copies in the first nine months of release. The range includes series like Fable, Halo, GTA and CoD, which aren’t exactly games they need to trick people into buying.

  14. Alright!
    But eh… sonic unleashed is a fine sonic game and good in it’s own right, but is it a truly ”great” game up to par with the top with it’s errors?

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