Sonic Needs You To Save Him From The SAGY Wii Award

Sonic Needs You To Save Him From The SAGY Wii Award

Screwattack_logo are holding the 2009 Shitty Ass Game Of The Year awards and in the Wii Exclusives category their members(g1’s) have nominated Sonic and the Black Knight, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and Wii Sports Resort. Stuttering Craig in the nominations video states that “people didn’t buy this game for Sonic, they bought it for Mario” which is just plain wrong.

So if you think Sonic and the Black Knight and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games are undeserving of the SAGY Wii Exclusive award then sign up at ScrewAttack’s forums and vote for Wii Sports Resort. Voting closes 16th December.


  1. “Stuttering Craig in the nominations video states that their g1’s have mainly nominated Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games due to Sonic characters being in the game.”

    …………really? That’s just the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, do people actually have this kind of mentality? Oh wait, these nominees were chosen by the users. Like asking whether a dumpster likes shit or ice cream.

  2. @ Casey
    By the users. They had a vote for nominees and now a vote for which game gets the award. If you sign up at their site you can vote in the awards poll on their forums.

  3. Trust me Im a Sonic fan and both those games arent the best sonic games in the world but mario and sonic made it because it had sonic characters in it. thats pretty retarded

  4. @Casanova
    I’ll agree SATBK and MASATOWG aren’t brilliant but their much better than Wii Sports Resort which is just a glorified paid for demo for Motion Plus rather than a game.

  5. This is what everyone says. People only hate games with Sonic in it. Nobody gives a shit if its Mario.
    I mean, everyone noticed in IMPLIED beastiality in Sonic 2006 and went bat-shit insane about it. But nobody cared when in Mario Galaxy and various other Mario games, Bowser (a Koopa/turtle/dragon thing) explicitly states that he has intent to MARRY Peach….that is BullS***

  6. ………reallly? Those three games? Wii Sports Resort is a lot of fun, and there are plenty of games released this year that are worse then Mario and Sonic and Black Knight (heck, both of those games where surprisingly fun).

    I think they only blame the Sonic characters because they want Mario to keep his immaculate record.

    And no, because I know someone ALWAYS has to say this, I’m not pissed and angry and I don’t think anyone else here is. Just a tad annoyed is all.

  7. @ Shadtzer: Wii Sports is a bit more then that ;). It has loads of games in it, and most of them, like fencing and ski doo racing, are a lot of fun.

    And this is what makes me hesitant to vote for it. None of these games deserve to be on this list. There where some BAD games released this year, loaded with bugs and glitches and no redeeming qualities. These are nothing.

  8. @
    I do enjoy Wii Sports Resort when playing with my wife, it’s just no more than a demo for Motion Plus in my oppinion.

    I agree that none of these 3 games should have been nominated and I think its completely stupid that people would nominated M&S just because Sonic characters are in it.

    I’m sure anyone could find 3 other worthy nomineees out of the crap thats been released this year like those TV show games for example. Family Fortunes, Countdown and the worst of all I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here…

  9. I agree with nuckles87. I do find it balantly stupid to put M&S on the list just because Sonic is in it. I have not played S&TBK so I cannot weigh in on it, however I have heard that the Sonic Wii titles were better than the 360 title.

  10. Will I saw the video and he didn’t say that the user put M&S because of sonic characters,I think it was only his option.

  11. Screw screw attack. Those games areawesome. People complain about the stupidest things “Stuttering Craig in the nominations video states that their g1’s have mainly nominated Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games due to Sonic characters being in the game”… Now whoever thinks that made one lick of sense needs to be neutralized. OF COURSE SONIC CHARACTERS ARE IN IT! WHY ELSE WOULD IT BE CALLED “MARIO & SONIC”?! This is like when some dumbasses complained about XBLA’s Banjo-Tooie talking about it needs maps and shit about it being too hard. It’s the same game you played 9 years ago just wth improved graphics!! Why are you now just complaining?! I swear America is filled with ignorant gamers. The only game I think that deserves that award is Marvel Super Hero Squad! That whole entire series overall ruined Marvel’s image!

  12. Uh what exactly makes Sports Resort suck? It’s fun for a bit and was a much better tech demo than the first Wii Sports.
    Black Knight wasn’t that great, but it was also fun while it lasted.

    I don’t know about Mario and Sonic but there are MANY MANY worse Wii exclusive games. Just take a look at some shovelware.

  13. You know what? I give up on hoping people can appreciate Sonic again. If the people nominate the only two games that were released this year BECAUSE of Sonic… Yeah. Needlemouse better be damn awesome.

    If ’06 was never released, I could see none of this happening.

  14. This isn’t very important. But it is rather retarded. M&S Winter’s pretty good party fun, so is Wii Sports Resort. I can’t see why anyone would nominate those two games. The whole ‘M&S because of the Sonic characters’ really is asinine, and just makes me wonder why people bother to listen to ‘hardcore gamers’ at all. Bunch of sad acts.

    Got no qualms with the Black Knight nomination though.

  15. I wouldn’t mind if SatBK were on there. That game… ugh.

    But Mario and Sonic… JUST for the characters? That’s ridiculous.

  16. The Mario and Sonic quote about the Sonic character prejudice is ridiculous.

    I haven’t played WSR, so out of the 3 I would vote for Dark Knight (if I cared enough to vote). The controls are a chore, the pacing wasn’t very good and the sword wasted alot of potential.

  17. “Stuttering Craig in the nominations video states that their g1’s have mainly nominated Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games due to Sonic characters being in the game”

    … That’s the fuckiest thing I’ve heard in my fucking life. Pardon the fucking language but… seriously, WTF? “Sonic characters are in it?” What’s his big excuse for Black Knight? He’s got a sword? Bullshit!

  18. And what about Wii Sports Resort? Granted I haven’t played it, but I’m guessing it’s along the lines of “it’s casual”.

  19. Wii Sports Resort? Illogical! According to GameRankings: 82.78%

    It pains me to say this but I’d go with SatBK.

  20. I mean I know SatBK wasn’t spectacular, but it’s far from shitty. It feels more like prejudice against Sonic… and casual games (which if you think about it, it’s what all those games are).

    You know, I don’t exactly expect much from SA when it comes to Sonic (or mostly anyone else for that matter), but I do in fact expect something credible and professional. I mean sure, a title like “Shitty Ass Game Of The Year” doesn’t really boast of professionalism, but “it sucks coz it has Sawnik characters in a party game” is where I draw the friggin’ line.

  21. Sonic may not have been on the ball in the last….10 years but I don’t really see any real reason for putting these games up for blamming just because they have Sonic and co in. Besides Sonic and Mario (both versions) are, at the very least, fun party games. Black Night is entertaining enough to escape such a retarded award. Let’s face it, there have been far worse games out this year than Sonic games.

  22. Pointless nominees are pointless. I don’t think a title such as ‘Shitty Ass Game Of The Year Award’ should be taken too seriously. Who are these retards anyway?

    I never played BK but I have heard good things about it. Why do people seem to just jump on the ‘Omfg Sonic has a sword’ bandwagon and go apeshit about it? Get over it.
    As for the Sonic characters excuse for Winter Games? They are the reason I got the game in the first place. I smell a Nintendo scheme in the background..

  23. *Plays SatBK .. things are going great until he double leaps off a rail into lava*

    … Ok, nominate it .. in fact, just give the award to it 🙁

  24. @Jix: Yes, falling off a platform (I’m assuming once, since you didn’t give a number), in a game that consists of jumping deserves a “shitty” award.

  25. They’re only criticising Sonic to win publicity with Nintendo’s deranged and jaded fanboys. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t waste the time on so much as contemplating an argument with this kind of anti-SEGA scum.

    Although to be fair, all three games did suck immensely, but none were as bad as the horrifying disgrace that was Carnival Games – if ScrewAttack are going to hold this kind of deliberately incensing shit-heap of an award, they could at least have the decency to delve beyond the murky waters of the likes of Sonic and the Black Knight…

    In fact, screw the whole thing; why would I give a shit about the Wii in the first place? It can burn in the fiery depths of hell for all I care – besides, it’s not even a real gaming console…

  26. Okay so SatBK isn’t very good. But one of the worst wii exclusives? WTF!?!

    There are so many games that are worse that came out this year for it. Firefighter Live Heroes anyone. Walk it out! Nerf strike 2! For Christs skae I’m sike of the Sonic games a re mediocre now lets bash him!

  27. I don’t get why they put M@S on the list ONLY because it had Sonic characters. For the love of god, the game is SONIC and Mario, without the Sonic it just defeats the purpose. SaTBK, at least in my opinion, was a great game and dosen’t deserve to be on the list.

  28. I work at Harvey Norman so i personally know that theres 1000 games worse on the Wii than the sonic ones, hell, id go as far to say that 70% of wii games are shovelware.

    Lets see, we got Babysitter party, Hannah Montana, Bratz the movie, Ben 10..
    You cant tell me Hannah Montana was more fun than snowboarding around Radical Highway as Silver.

  29. Is this a joke? This can’t be real, that reason for The Olympic Winter games is just…insane.

    If there was a real logical reason, like unresponsive controls 100% (which I doubt, pretty sure some controls don’t respond well), then that would be more logical. But hating the game just because it has Sonic characters in it? That’s not a very bright reason there. And I agree Brocky_Chris, there’s a crap ton more games worse the Olympics. Although I’m not surprised Black Knight ended up there, it wasn’t that good =\ And like any other bad/mediocre game, it could’ve been better.

  30. I think its already a known fact that 99.9% of game reviewing sites are made up of people who love to suck Mario’s rear end as if sweet nectar came out if it. just wait for their “reviews”of Sonic & Sega racing, even if it ends up being a lot better (which probably will) than mario kart they will bash it just for having Sonic, heck i can already see Hillary Goldstein doing the review for IGN while playing like shit too make the game look bad *just like with SU for 360/PS3).

    BTW if i would ever nominate the olympics game (not that i would) it would be for having the boring (except Yoshi) Nintendo characters who are either clones of Mario (Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, babies) and Peach (Daisy, Rosalina).

  31. They are like little boys who can’t stand that sonic is pretty damn popular and that he stars with a (much better with games) italian plumber in a fun sport game. So they make fun of him. Still, I haven’t played SatBK, so I can’t judge that.

  32. Sorry, Sonic. Outside of Rush Adventure, you haven’t been doing longtime Sonic fans any solids recently. This is one reward you probably deserve.

  33. Ok, I think I got mixed up with where he says people were buying the game because of Mario. My short term memory is crap. That’s still a crap thing to say though, loads of people bought this game for Sonic too.

  34. Black Knight has a right to be there, but not wii sports resort or M&S ATWOG.
    I mean there are heaps of worse crappy wii games.

  35. Your right Shadzter,I mean everyone was happy because silver & metal sonic are in the game but they never cared about DK & Bowser jn

  36. I’ve just noticed that under the video it says –
    “What is the worst Wii exclusive of the past year?”
    So to be entered into this the game has to definitely be a format exclusive game but M&SATOWG isn’t a Wii exclusive as it’s also on DS so this game shouldn’t even be there.

    Edited the article to reflect what Stuttering Craig actually said which isn’t any better, sorry about the mistake guys.

  37. Mario & Sonic nominated purely becasue it has Sonic characters in it…?


  38. @Shadzter: Okay, I’m not quite as mad now, but that’s still a load. There’s assuming and there’s denial, Stuttering Craig.

  39. In other words, they didn’t buy it for Sonic or Mario (unless you’re a fan of one and still don’t like the other, which applies with a lot of cases really) but the main attraction is that there are BOTH of ’em there competing against eachother.

  40. I have Played both game and there do Suck. I’m sorry but Sonic doesn’t need a Sword or go to the Olympic. What Sonic and SEGA need to do is to put Sonic back in a great game like SA2 or Sonic 3 & Kunks. But don’t put him in a game like Sonic 06 or Sonic the Wearhog. Sorry 4 spelling but still need to go back to 2-d or a good 3-d good

  41. Seriously? THOSE are their picks for Shitty Ass Game of the Year? Sonic & The Black Knight wasn’t the best game ever, but there’s far worse games that came out on the Wii this year. Have they forgotten about oh… M&M’s Adventures? How about Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution? Maybe Party Pigs Farmyard Games? They’d rather play Party Pigs than Mario & Sonic!?

    As for the quote about Sonic characters in Mario & Sonic, that’s beyond dumb. That’s like if someone said they would play Alien vs. Predator only for the Aliens.

    On top of that, voting for Wii Sports Resort isn’t right either cause that’s FAR from a bad game. This whole nomination is bullshit.

  42. Boy, you guys are all so negative. i loved Back knight and Winter Olympic Games. I thought they were great. I liked Werehog too. Sonic ’06 was pretty lame, but thats not the point. I will defend Sonic till I die.

  43. This is just plain wrong. I guess I can kind of understand Sonic and the Black Knight getting nominated because of all the glitches and what not, and the whole you know “Sonic having a sword thing,” but I’ve heard it wasn’t that bad of a game. Now Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics? PURE BULL SH**. The graphics are beautiful, the concept it great, and the game is a blast! How can they even think of nominating it? I mean COME ON! I think the people behind this have something against Sonic…May the Tails Doll curse rain down upon them.

  44. People only nominated games they actually played, and naturally they avoided playing obviously bad games.

    If you makes you guys feel better, they nominated Halo 3: ODST in the 360 category, so you know this is probably just a case of haters nominating good/decent games.

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