Sonic Lays the Smackdown.  What?

Sonic Lays the Smackdown. What?


Knowing Sonic fans, I figured that I would see Sonic edited into a Smackdown vs. Raw video game at some point.  We’ve seen Sonic before in games like Animal Crossing, but this sight is pretty ridiculous.  Link submitter Silva Rymes puts it perfectly: “it’s awkwardly awesome.”  And hey, this fight between Sonic & Knuckles is more exciting than the first one in Hidden Palace Zone (which was an anti-climactic turd of a fight).

If you dare, peruse this kid’s YouTube profile for more odd-looking human versions of the Sonic crew.  You can catch Knuckles punching the shit out of Randy Orton.

John Cena sucks.

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  1. Wow iv tryed to do summet like that on SvR2010 But failed badly xDDD oh btw Brad this aint Smackdown Vs Raw like you sed above its WWE Day Of Reckoning xD but iv seen some sonic CAWS (create a wrestler) on a site called iv even see a mario lmao CENA SUCKS XDD

  2. I have a friend on youtube that is doing videos like tis!! Haha thoug it was fun to read Hi mom lol^^

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