Sonic Gets Tactical in a TF2 Crossover

Sonic Gets Tactical in a TF2 Crossover

An extremely well-done crossover job by Toughset of DeviantArt.  Submitted to us by Silva Rhymes.  KAAA-BOOOOOOM…

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  1. Hmm, lets see:
    Pyro Blaze: WIN
    Engineer Tails: WIN
    Espio Spy: WIN
    Heavy Big: EPIC WIN
    Sniper Fang: EPIC WIN
    Scout Sonic: WIN
    Soldier Knuckles: WIN
    Bean Demoman: WIN
    Medic Eggman: WIN

    Final Verdict: Chuck Norris would say that’s Epic Win.

  2. The thought of a Sonic/TF2 crossover makes me cringe, BUT this picture has spot-on character choices.

  3. best character choice but blaze look so … you know unusual…
    but eggman holy S**t he looks AWESOME!!!

  4. i faved this not a long time ago on deviantart 😛
    i really love the fitting of the sonic caracters to team fortress caracters.
    toughset did a really great job on this 😀

  5. I faved this just the other day, apparently he is attempting a left 4 dead one also.
    Great character choices =D

  6. I figured that Eggman would be the Engineer, because of obvious reasons.

    But Medic is good. Herr Doktor indeed. A lot of effort was put into this picture.

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