Sonic Archives #13 confirmed for 2010 by Amazon

Sonic Archives #13 confirmed for 2010 by Amazon

Another entry in Archie’s popular series of Sonic Archives, a series of paperbacks which collect the old Sonic comics and reprint them on higher quality paper with improved colors, has been confirmed, given a date of August 4th, 2010 by Amazon.

Amazon has been incredibly reliable with Archives entries in the past, and given the success of the Sonic comic book, a new entry shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The real news here, is the date. August 4th is a long way away from the next release, Sonic Archives #12, which is scheduled to arrive in comic shops January 27th, 2010.

It should be noted, however, the Amazon’s accuracy in confirming the new Sonic Archives before Archie does, does not extend to the release dates. Archives #12 has always been, and is still listed with a release date of October 29th, despite never actually going on sale. Hopefully, Archie’s planned release for the next Archives is somewhat sooner then Amazon’s projected date.

Sonic Archives #13 will cover issues #48-#52, and will cover the second half of the End Game story arc, and it’s immediate aftermath.

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  1. Yes, I know, old. But no news sites have reported it so I figure most of you haven’t heard of it anyway.

  2. Flynn has said that this series will eventually go all the way up to the present day. He’s even said it’ll catch up, something I doubt at the rate it’s been going.

    Apparently the slowness is due to the difficulty in finding the original materials, so that they can remaster them.

  3. I’m rather irritated with issue 12. I orded it in September and I still havn’t got it yet. I wish Amazon would get their butts in gear and hurry up.

  4. Same here, Slizergiy..

    I hope the hurry with the Archives and catch up. I live in Germany and can’t get them normally >_>.

  5. Oh wow‚ 5 issues in 1, instead of the usual 4? Color me excited!

    Now what of Sonic Select, And the alleged Knuckles Archives?

  6. Hi, im a really sonic fan, (from games), But I really hate the Archie sonic comics, all of them and all that characters, are just a magnet for Freaked disque “sonic” fans, with more watafak characters, more young fans, screw this, if Sega wants make sonic comics, makes with another company, Archie draws, are really awfull, the characters have big freaking eyes and proportions.

  7. @pete

    You are using the CURRENT comics as an example, right? The older comics, I can understand the whole “wackey proportioned characters” thing (Dave Manek is a perfect example >_<), but right now, the combination of Ian Flynn and Tracey Yardley are making the comic pretty good, in my opinion.

  8. Indeed. And I am ONE of those Sonic fans who came on board via Archie. Now I’m doing news on the biggest Sonic site on the net :D, and am a huge fan of many of the games (minus Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog and some other tripe).

    They are good comics with good characters, Pete. At least, under the right writer.

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