[UPDATE] SEGA EU Unveils Sonic Classic Collection For DS

[UPDATE] SEGA EU Unveils Sonic Classic Collection For DS

Box Art

Sega of America have also set up a product page for the game and list a release of Spring 2010 for the U.S./UPDATE END

SEGA Europe have officially unveiled Sonic Classic Collection for Nintendo DS, a game most in the community have known about since it’s appearance at the BBFC website we reported on. We also revealed the game was headed for Nintendo DS after it appeared at the OFLC website.

Martin-the fat ninja who works on the Sonic City Blognik with ArchangelUK has revealed a press release and screenshots for the game this afternoon. We have the press release and screens for you below –

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (XX November, 2009) — SEGA Europe Ltd and SEGA of America, Inc. today announced that, for the first time ever, the original games from legendary gaming icon, Sonic The Hedgehog™ will be coming to the Nintendo DS™ system early 2010. Sonic Classic Collection™ gathers together the first four Sonic The Hedgehog adventures – Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles – introducing some of the most influential Sonic titles to a whole new generation of gamers exclusively for the DS.

Sonic Classic Collection allows fans both old and new to speed through the much loved zones of the four original Mega Drive adventures, in a bid to collect the chaos emeralds and save the world. Optimised to take full advantage of the Nintendo DS system, Sonic Classic Collection will feature a new save anywhere feature, a first in this original series, meaning that the games can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime! Gamers will also be given the chance to expand their knowledge with a wealth of extras including video and collectable pictures that are sure to be fan favourites.

“The phenomenal successes of the original Sonic games are the pillar of today’s Sonic brand recognition” commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director SEGA Europe. “Sonic Classic Collection for DS will allow a new audience to enjoy a timeless collection of games, whilst older Sonic fans can revel in the nostalgia of playing their favourite Sonic titles. It’s a perfect amalgamation of heritage and new generation entertainment”

Sonic Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS™ system will hit stores in March 2010.

Screen 1Screen 2Screen 3Screen 4

Thanks to bolt7 at the SSMB for bringing the news to our attention.

SEGA Europe also have the press release at their website and a product page set up with the game’s box art.

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  1. Is that screenshot at the top there just a picture someone made up to make it look awesome? Or is there coop in this game between Sonic and Knuckles?

  2. I haven’t a clue about that screenshot with Sonic standing there. My guess is it’s a glitch that happened while they were sorting out screens for the press release.

  3. This, for some reason doesn’t just feel like another bland collection actually. I will quite enjoy having the 4 originals on the DS and I think my little cousins will like it too. They need to get some proper games cos everyone just buys them Little Mermaid, Charlotte’s Web, Bratz, god… >_<

  4. It will be very nice to have the games on the DS. I’ll probably end up buying it. Part of me wishes there were more games on it, though. I’m sure you can fit more than four mega drive games onto a DS card. Maybe not, though. I can’t remember the capacity of either.

  5. Bizarre seeing Sonic & Knuckles paired up there, it’d be interesting to see how the duel screen works out, Sonic rush style perhaps?

  6. My complaint with Sonic 1 and 2 was the fact that you had to start over unless you remembered those codes. So this “save anywhere” function is a godsend for me.

  7. @ Will
    It has those 4 games and the 3 lock-on games as revealed on the BBFC’s website. We can only assume the lock-on games have to be unlocked like in SMC/+.

  8. Can you even be in the standing sprite in that boss fight. Sonic looks strange just…standing.
    I doubt they’ll leave out the lock-on.

  9. ha ha, here’s hoping it’s not like the Sonic the Hedgehog for GBA. I’ll still be waiting for this! I always like playing the classics, now it’s anywhere!

  10. @doc a doc

    The fourth game would be “Sonic & Knuckles”

    That means there is:

    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Sonic 3
    Sonic 3 & Knuckles(?)
    Sonic & Knuckles
    And if there’s lock on I would assume, blue sphere as well.

  11. LOL just what we need a portable Sonic Jam LOL.

    @ GoombaRing: Don’t forget Knuckles in Sonic 2

  12. @Steak

    You got a point, from memory that particular boss fight is impossible to stand still in. the screen makes you move.
    This is rather interesting.
    Co-op would rock if you got to have a separate screen.

  13. By the looks of things, they haven’t been mucking around with the originals very much, like they did when they tried (and failed) to remake Sonic 1 for GBA. I have a good feeling this will make up for it

  14. @Shadzter

    Hmm…I could’ve sworn that list also had Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D, MBM. Guess I imagined it.


    I always thought that the Sonics World minigame and all that would be perfect for DS (Cos they have simular graphics)

  15. I guess it doesn’t need MBM, because the DS already has its own Puyo games. (Puyo Pop Fever was even released in the US.)

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