SEGA Australia Quietly Releases Sonic PC Collection

SEGA Australia Quietly Releases Sonic PC Collection

Sonic PC Collection

SEGA Australia have quietly released another Sonic collection to the PC simply titled Sonic PC Collection. The first thing worth noting is the fact this collection contains well… another collection namely Sonic Mega Collection +. Apart from Sonic Mega Collection+ the game contains Sonic Heroes, Sonic Riders and Sonic Adventure DX which funnily enough contains another unlockable collection of the 12 Game Gear Sonic titles.

According to Impulsegamer the collection was released October 1st of this year and retails for $19.95 but you can get it a little cheaper at EBGames for $18.00. Not a bad price for 3 PC games, All the Mega Drive Sonic games(and a few non-sonic games in MC+) and all the Game Gear Sonic games.

Impulsegamer have a press release from SEGA Australia too –

The Ultimate Sonic Compilation

Thursday 10th September 2009 – SEGA Australia is pleased to announce the SONIC PC Collection, a compilation of four previously released iconic Sonic games available for the PC. Featuring Sonic Riders™, Sonic Heroes™, Sonic Adventure DX™, and Sonic Mega Collection Plus™, this compilation provides hours of entertainment containing over 15 games, making it an essential part of any true Sonic fan’s collection all for only AU$19.95. The SONIC PC Collection is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.

Experience the thrill of racing in Sonic Riders as Sonic takes on Dr. Eggman’s challenge for the fastest air-rider at the World Grand Prix. Relive the action and adrenaline-fuelled frenzy of Sonic Heroes while mastering three unique hero abilities simultaneously. Based on the classic SEGA game ‘Sonic Adventure’, Sonic Adventure DX races on to PC, introducing a host of new special features and bonuses. Celebrate Sonic’s roots of retro arcade action in Sonic Mega Collection Plus featuring twenty classic titles, including Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3, Spinball, Flickie’s Island and more!

The SONIC PC Collection is released on October 1st 2009. For more information please visit

Source: Impulsegamer


  1. And anyone who has an urge to get into Sonic, has a PC and lives in Australia, this is possibly the best bargain you could ask for.

  2. @ Soul Sage
    That’s why I stated:
    “the collection was released October 1st of this year”

    This is the first I’ve heard of it and not many other people seem to know about it either. Seems to be another game SEGA didn’t promote.

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